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Message: Re: Where did the investors go?
Sep 11, 2021 05:47PM
Sep 11, 2021 05:50PM
Sep 20, 2021 02:54PM

I apologize if I come off as complaining.  I am an older guy who has invested in public companies for about 50 years.  The dynamics of today's investment community I find very discouraging.  Pumpers, bashers, penny flippers and these insincere chat rooms and bullboards are not my world.  I thought I had found a place where sincere investors could chat about their investment.  Not so much.  I find it so frustrating that people can pose as someone/something they aren't and knowingly lie and all for the sake of making a few quick bucks.  Leaves me sad to think this is where we've come.

 So I won't post again but I do wish all here that are genuine investors all the best and good luck with your investments.  I'm confident we will do very well with Empower over the next 12 -18 months because Steve is a straight up guy who delivers on the business model.



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