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Is it totally Kai labs' fault that they have not done well? I would have to say no, although I'm not satisfied with their performance. The problem is though that Kai labs is located in one of the most stubborn mule brained states of the United States of America. Having a Republican Governor that is fighting the Biden administration every step of the way in implementing the plan to vaccinate Americans and thereby save lives.

The population of the USA is 333,950,663 while the population of

Canada is 38,244,666 essentially 8.732 times less than the population of the USA.

8.732 x 38,244,666=333,952,243.5 , more than equal the USA population.

My point? - Covid 19 Deaths in the stubborn USA  is more than 3.2 times than in Canada even considering the differential of population. USA covid deaths: 859,046

Canada covid 19 deaths 30,743

In my opinion part of the reason Kai labs has been doing such a disappointing job is because it is dealing with very stubborn willed people that are fighting the Biden administration every step of the way. 

By  comparison, Canada is doing incredibly well when compared to the USA.

I definitely am very happy to be living in Canada. The government is doing a better job of protecting its citizens.

The verdict on Kai labs from my perspective.? I'm disappointed in their efforts to go to other states where they could increase their revenues. I would have to say Kai labs have not done enough, and they need to do a better job.


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