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Message: Kai under Attack? and Discord are just for pushers?

You were not dismissed due to any opinion or insight to the security of the website, or for posting about another outfit, which I also posted about.   However, your information on it was very incomplete.   

CVM isnt anywhere near where you portrayed it to other members.   Also, they only email results for Antigen, and say nothing of QR or certificate for it.  And their $129 PCR is not a rapid PCR.  They will charge additional for a 12 hr PCR.  Also, no walkins.    

You were dismissed for continuisly posting long and repetitive messages that everyone found useless and unnecessary.   Further to that, constantly DMing various members also didnt help.   

If you have issues with the website, which were shared to Empower, or anything else, then call or contact them.  It isnt really that hard.  Passing the buck to EAD members to do it for you is kinda presumptuous.

And if you post here, I suggest you make your subject    'CBDT: IR'   best way to make them aware here.

Instead of looking to EAD as reason for your dismissal, maybe check yourself first.

Best of luck.

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