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I wish to clarify some factual matters set out in my prior post. 


As previously announced and filed on SEDAR Empower Clinics Inc. (“Empower”) is the owner of Medi+Sure Canada Inc. (“Medisure). Empower acquired Medisure in late July 2021 from Mario Cortis in consideration for, inter alia, cash in the amount of $1,250,000.  On closing, Empower paid Mr. Cortis $544,918.56 (being $1,000,000 less certain liabilities including vehicle loans).  After the acquisition, Mr. Cortis continued on as President of Medisure, for which he was paid a fee of $7,000 per month plus HST.


Following Empower’s acquisition of Medisure, Medisure entered into a new warehouse lease agreement with 1981109 Ontario Inc. (“198”), a company affiliated with Mr. Cortis. On December 13, 2022, I received a copy of a notice of default addressed to Medisure from the law firm representing 198 which alleged that Medisure had not made payments to 198 for rent for the months of October, November and December 2022. The total rent arrears are alleged to be approximately $10,000.   Medisure has been able to fulfill customer orders to date and expects to be able to continue to do so.


Empower will not make any further comment on Mr. Cortis’s filed claim in court.  Empower intends to respond through its legal counsel.

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