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Message: Enertopia Announces Filing of Provisional patent for V-Love(tm)

Vancouver, BC / TheNewswire / October 26 2015 - Enertopia Corporation (ENRT-OTCBB) (TOP-CSE) (the "Company" or "Enertopia") announces it has applied for patent protection of V-LoveTM with respect to claims involving lubrication, pH balance and the bioavailability of certain vitamins and minerals via absorption through the vaginal mucosal membrane.

Enertopia has filed a provisional patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office regarding its technology.

Enertopia's patent-pending formulations were developed in part with the goal of achieving much higher levels of lubrication, thus reducing the potential for vaginal micro tears. However, patent-pending these compositions also provide greater bioavailability of ingredients such as water based vitamins via absorption through the vaginal mucosal membrane than would otherwise be absorbed by the daily oral intake of water based vitamins.

It is in the Company's best interests to have filed the provisional patent application to protect the Company's formulations as evidence has shown that vaginal suppositories have had greater bioavailability results than the common oral intake of water soluble vitamins. The greater the opportunity for water soluble based vitamins to replenish the body, the better the overall health as water based vitamins need to be replenished on a daily basis.

V-LoveTM is specifically balanced for a woman's healthy vaginal pH balance of 3.8 to 4.5. While this is on the acidic side of the pH scale, it is nowhere near the acidity of the average stomach acid that has a pH of 1.5. This allows for slower decay of vitamins and minerals compared to oral intake, which in turn allows for greater absorption potential over time. In addition, absorption through the vaginal mucosal membrane avoids the first-pass metabolism that occurs with oral administration of water soluble vitamins (metabolism that occurs in the intestine and portal circulation of the liver before reaching systemic circulation).

V-LoveTM patent-pending formulation meets the needs of providing increased vaginal lubrication to decrease the chance of vaginal micro tears and providing water based vitamins with increased bioavailability, all under the protection of a healthy vaginal pH balance.

"These are exciting times for Enertopia. We are very proud about our provisional patent application being filed and all the hard work and dedication by our team. We look forward to providing updates and further developments about our Company." Stated Robert McAllister, President of Enertopia.

About Enertopia

The Company's mission is to empower people with a better way of living through healthy lifestyle choices in helping you live your life your way. Our core values of honesty, integrity, and commitment help to define our corporate practices and demonstrate our dedication in helping individuals whether they are encountering health issues based on age, diet or have suffered a traumatic physical, mental or an emotional event.

Enertopia's shares are quoted in Canada with symbol TOP and in the United States with symbol ENRT. For additional information, please visit www.enertopia.com or v-love.co or call

Robert McAllister: (250) 765-6412

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TM products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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