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BREAKING: Mota Ventures Acquires Over 20,000 Customers in March, Launches New Immune Support Product Line

  • Immune Support product line received exceptionally well by consumers
  • Total number of customers acquired by First Class CBD in March 2020 is 20,959, including 6,419 immune customers
  • Initial average spend of Cdn$218.40 per customer

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Enertopia Corporation Management

Robert McAllister

President, CEO, Secretary, Treasurer and Director

Robert McAllister
President, CEO, Secretary, Treasurer and Director
Mr. McAllister has served as our president since November 2007 and as a director since April 2008. Mr. McAllister was responsible for Investor and Corporate communications for mining and oil & gas companies in the past. From Aug 2008 to Sept 2011 Mr. McAllister was involved in the restructuring of a public international Oil & Gas company and took it from zero revenue and in debt to cash flow positive before leaving in the fall of 2011. Mr. McAllister has also provided and written business and investment articles from 1996 to 2006 in various North American publications focused on oil & gas and mining companies.

Bal Bhullar


Ms. Bhullar is a Certified General Accountant and brings over 18 years of diversified financial and risk management experience in both private and public companies, in the industries of high-tech, film, mining, marine, oil & gas, energy, transport, and spa industries. Among some of the areas of experience, Ms. Bhullar brings expertise in financial & strategic planning, operational & risk management, regulatory compliance reporting, business expansion, startup operations, financial modeling, program development, corporate financing, and corporate governance/internal controls.

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