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Message: BREAKING - NBA, Take-Two Interactive Software partnering on NBA 2K esports league

Spot, welcome to the team! Where will the company be in 5 years? I'm going to leave that one to the CEO in an upcoming interview. At the very least, the company's online wagering platform will be growing at a rate fast enough to keep up with eSports growth ... which itself is growing based on the following:

  1. Demographics - There are very few teenagers across the world that aren't diving into eSports via playing and watching. Everyday for the next 5 years, millions of those players will be turning 18, begin wagering and setting new records for the size of the wagering audience. Likewise, 18-24 year olds already in eSports today will be bigger income earnings and increasing their wagering accordingly.
  2. Visibility - Older demographics (25-45 today) will be joining the eSports ranks just on news like that out of the NBA alone. We have to presume that NFL, NHL and FIFA are right around the corner with their own leagues.  They'll all be in full swing 5 years from now, with "ANALOG" fans cheering and wagering for their digital teams as well.
  3. As internet speeds (5G) and graphics get even better, participation per player will only increase.

In addition to the company's online wagering platform, the land based eSports Coliseum in Antigua should be in full swing as the only permanent eSports destination in the world (as of today).  The company just returned from the ICE Conference in London, where reception and anticipation of the eSports Coliseum was very enthusiastic.  It's launch by Q4 2017 / Q1 2018 will provide global visibility and become an exotic destination point for tournaments, events, etc.

On the balance of probabilities, 5 years from now is going to be a great ride. As always, don't be the farm on any single thing but glad to have you on board with 10K. Risk reward over the next TWO years looks very favourable from here so bring over the rest of the gang as well because this board is going to be a lot of fun along the way!



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