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Online Wagering Platform for the Future of Competitive Gaming

Why Esports Entertainment Group?

Announced The Launch Of VIE.GG, The World’s Safest, Most Secure and Transparent Esports Wagering Platform

  • Announced the launch of VIE  (
  • World’s safest, most secure and transparent esports wagering platform
  • bet exchange model provides for player versus player betting (PVP) with the house taking a small percentage of each wager
  • PVP model means a VIE player always wins and the Company removes all risk, creating a win-win for players and the Company

VIDEO: eSports Investing AGORACOM at League of Legends Finals

Who is Esports Entertainment Group?

  • Makes it possible to play in multi-player video game amateur tournaments and win cash prizes.
  • Issued an Internet gambling License by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Canada
  • Bringing users from these two huge industries together by offering our users from around the world the opportunity to play, and bet on online single and multi-player, video game tournaments for real money in our secure and licensed environment.
  • Utilizing Esports Entertainment Group peer-to-peer wagering system, video game fans and enthusiasts everywhere are able to place all manner of bets on eSports professional players’ performance. Wagering is available on a wide range of professional eSports events from around the world.

The Opportunity



Electronic sports (also known as eSports, e-sports,
competitive gaming, or progamming in Korea) is a term for organized multiplayer video game competitions.
Last year Riot Games’ “League of Legends” world championship had 27 million streaming views. To provide some correlation, it was more than the average viewership of the World Series of baseball, which is the second most viewed sport in the USA.

  • eSports organizations hosting major tournaments include the Electronic Sports League in Europe, Major League Gaming in North America, and the Korean eSports Association founded by the Korean government and affliated to the Korean Olympic Committee
  • China and Korea continue to dominate the global eSports market
  • eSports are currently being seriously considered by the IOC as an Olympic sport

Win Big by Betting
on Your Favorite eSports Events!

Bet on all Your Favorite eSports Events, Professional and Amateur, and Win Cash! Esports Entertainment Group offers Peer-To-Peer Wagering on all Major eSports Events and Amateur Events Broadcast on:



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