NASDAQ Listed eSports Wagering And Entertainment Company

Esports betting expected to reach $20 Billion by 2023 prior to SCOTUS decision, Company now expects this estimate to increase by several more billion dollars.

Esports Entertainment Group Profile

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(Nasdaq: GMBL, GMBLW) 


  • Recent NASDAQ Uplisting
  • Raised $15M (IPO+Warrants)
  • Binding LOI To Acquire Company With $12M revenue
  • Received Malta License
  • Formed GMBL New Jersey with pretty strong indication of multiple licenses 
  • Onboarding Hundreds of Affiliates
  • Esports audience is 350M, growing to 590M
  • Esports wagering is projected at $23 BILLION
  • Partnered with 190 esports teams
  • Partnered with 250+ esports streamers
  • Launched P2P esports betting platform
  • P2P means an esports fan always wins
  • Superior to "House" model where fans VS. casino
  • Traditional sports teams owners are investing
  • Athletes and celebrities are investing
  • Wall Street is investing
  • Biggest paradigm shift ever seen on the internet

Esports Entertainment Group to Ring the Nasdaq Stock Market Closing Bell on July 21


  • Signed Definitive Agreement to Acquire Online Sportsbook and Casino Operator Argyll Entertainment Read More
  • Esports Entertainment Group Appoints Two Argyll Executives to Senior Leadership Positions Read More
  • Esports Entertainment Group Receives Additional $4.4M From Exercise of Warrants for a Total of Approximately $6.2M Since IPO Read More
  • Esports Entertainment Group Appoints Damian Mathews as Chairman of Audit Committee Read More
  • Esports Entertainment Group Appoints Industry Veteran Magnus Leppäniemi as VP of Marketing and Head of Esports at Read More
  • Esports Entertainment Forms New Jersey Subsidiary to Pursue Licensing Strategy in United States. Receives Additional $1.86M From Exercise of Warrants Read more
  • Esports Entertainment Group Begins Onboarding Hundreds of Affiliate Partners to Newly Relaunched Esports Betting Platform Read More
  • Esports Entertainment Group Receives Malta Gaming License Read More
  • Esports Entertainment Group Signs Binding LOI to Acquire Online Sportsbook and Casino Operator Argyll Entertainment Read More
  • Esports Entertainment Group Announces Closing of Above Market $8.4 Million Public Offering and Uplisting to Nasdaq Read More




  • The professionalization of video gaming
    • 5 player teams compete in tournaments or head-to-head matches
    • Watched by 350M fans via online, arenas, stadiums
    • Projected to hit 590M
  • Youth once ridiculed for playing video games are now
    • earning millions of dollars from tournaments
    • earning millions of dollars from sponsorships
    • command a global fan base just as traditional sports athletes.

League of Legends
SK Telecom T1


  • NBA launched full esports league replicating actual NBA teams
  • NFL broadcasting Madden on ESPN
  • NHL inaugural gaming championship
  • NCAA 60+ colleges have esports teams / programs

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VIDEO: eSports Investing AGORACOM at League of Legends Finals

The Opportunity



Electronic sports (also known as eSports, e-sports,
competitive gaming, or progamming in Korea) is a term for organized multiplayer video game competitions.
Last year Riot Games’ “League of Legends” world championship had 27 million streaming views. To provide some correlation, it was more than the average viewership of the World Series of baseball, which is the second most viewed sport in the USA.

  • eSports organizations hosting major tournaments include the Electronic Sports League in Europe, Major League Gaming in North America, and the Korean eSports Association founded by the Korean government and affliated to the Korean Olympic Committee
  • China and Korea continue to dominate the global eSports market
  • eSports are currently being seriously considered by the IOC as an Olympic sport


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