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Message: Everlert's Project Updates regarding Blue Cadillac Music, Billy Ray Cyrus, Good Life Recovery Now Sober Living, Suge Knight & Jerry Heller

Everlert's Project Updates regarding Blue Cadillac Music, Billy Ray Cyrus, Good Life Recovery Now Sober Living, Suge Knight & Jerry Heller

posted on Aug 28, 2018 08:30AM


Everlert, Inc. (the "Company") (OTC: EVLI), has been actively strengthening its assets during the first two (2) quarters of 2018 with the goal of obtaining prior revenues and ongoing revenues from its Joint Venture partners in the Entertainment and Sober Living Industries.

"We are projecting the second half of 2018 be a period in which our ongoing projects evolve and develop revenues to support our operations and growth objectives,” said Mark Blankenship, CEO of Everlert, Inc.

The Company is specifically focusing on obtaining past, present and ongoing revenues from its collaborations, investments and partnerships with Billy Ray Cyrus and Blue Cadillac Music, which created and released an album entitled “Thin Line” and also created and conveyed intellectual property rights to Billy Ray Cyrus’s CMT series entitled ‘Still The King.”

"Thin Line" is the fourteenth studio album by country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, and his second on his own record label Blue Cadillac Music. It was released on September 9, 2016. The album peaked at #49 on the country charts.

Aside from Billy Ray Cyrus, the album also features many alt-genre guest stars, including Bryan Adams, Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, Shooter Jennings, Lee Roy Parnell and Billy Ray’s kids, son Braison Cyrus and daughter Miley Cyrus, as well as featuring Grammy-winner Shelby Lynne’s voice—on both “Thin Line” and “Sunday Morning Coming Down.”

The Company is also focusing on obtaining past, present and future revenues from its partnership with Good Life Recovery Now, which has created and successfully operates a Sober Living Facility in Stanton, California (http://www.mygoodlifenow.com/stanton-1/) and in other locations throughout the Southwestern United States.

The Company is also evaluating and pursuing its rights and revenues arising out of its investment and collaboration and Joint Venture with Rap Mogul Suge Knight.

The Company’s Private Equity Fund has raised and is in the process of raising capital to develop and exploit the intellectual property rights contributed to Everlert as a result of the merger between Everlert, and JH Media Group, the entertainment conglomerate created by the late Music Mogul Jerry Heller and renowned music executive and influencer Jennifer Harper.

“We are excited about the prospect of increasing the value of Everlert as we develop the entertainment assets Jerry Heller and I created with JH Media Group as well as other ‘world class’ assets that I am bringing into Everlert,” said Jennifer Harper, President of Everlert, Inc.

About Everlert, Inc.:

Everlert, Inc. is a provider of strategic management and structured financing services headquartered in the legendary W Hollywood located in the heart of Hollywood, California.

Everlert's primary objectives are to provide management services, develop and acquire new entertainment content and other projects, and provide structural financing solutions to targeted entertainment projects and other projects, that include Everlert's equity ownership and Director position in Blue Cadillac Music, via Mark Blankenship's efforts as a Director of Blue Cadillac Music, which is the record label of Billy Ray Cyrus and of which Billy Ray Cyrus is a Director.

Everlert is creating real estate opportunities seeking to develop and operate a senior assisted living facility in the Inland Empire region of Southern California.

Everlert has an equity position as a partner in Good Life Recovery Now, a premier, upscale sober living home located in Orange County, California.

In 2014, via the efforts of Mark Blankenship, Everlert entered into a Joint Venture with legendary Rap Mogul Suge Knight, in which Everlert purchased the Life Rights and other Intellectual Property Rights arising out the entertainment endeavors of Suge Knight.

In 2016, Everlert merged and acquired the assets of JH Media Group, which was created and developed by the late Music Mogul Jerry Heller and the renowned music executive and influencer, Jennifer Harper, who became President of Everlert, Inc.

Forward-Looking Statements

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