underwriting and developing Intellectual Property Rights

IP Includes unpublished Elvis Presley and Tupac tracks

Everlert Inc Management

Jennifer Harper


Jennifer Harper created and founded JH Media Group in collaboration with the late Jerry Heller and Denny Diante in 2015 and created a music conglomerate that owns and controls intellectual property rights that have generated substantial revenue for several decades.

Jennifer Harper is a seasoned executive with experience in the fast-paced and ever evolving entertainment industry. She is considered among colleagues as one of the industry’s unique visionaries, specializing in her innovative and strategic thinking. Jennifer attained early success in her profession by her results- oriented attitude and created an elite team of colleagues in the entertainment industry along with her partner, Jerry Heller.

She worked with many major labels and studios within the entertainment industry. Harper has been influential in the music industry for several years and has been involved in multiple entertainment endeavors and has had many songs written and dedicated to her by major artists, such as Joe Elliot (Def Leppard), Peppy Castro (The Blues Magoos, Richie Havens, Jimmy Hendrix), Gregg Sutton (Bob Dylan, Mick Jones, Percy Sledge, Bob Dylan), Artie Kornfeld (Founder of Woodstock), Kokane a.k.a. Jerry B. Long Jr., son of the Legendary Motown writer, Jerry B. Long Sr. (Grammy award winning artist) and a few others.

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