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Evolving Gold is focused on exploring its significant discovery at Rattlesnake Hills, Wyoming, an alkalic gold system, similar to the Cripple Creek gold district in Colorado, and on gold properties adjacent to the Carlin district of Nevada.

Message: Evolving Gold Announces Further Extension of Option Agreement at

Yesterday was the last day for funny Company NV Gold(NVX) to pay obligation, on the same day was the last day for EVG to pay obligation to Newmont. So let see if this Management is total desaster. 3 Scenarios are possible:

1. In some Normal Environment this Scenario is the most probable but I am not sure that funny Money Company NVX have enough Money to pay Obligation. That menas NVX will pay $400k to EVG and EVG will pay $93k to NEM, everybody happy, Business as Usual. Nothing special and Business could go on and on...

2. If this EVG management want to prove that they are Morons, Crooks, Idiots and so on this scenario is possible and unfortunately could happen. That means NVX doesn't have necessary Money so they didn't pay yesterday which means that EVG didn't pay obligation to NEM. EVG could extend Option Agreement further and default Newmont Agreement. That means that EVG will lose Newmont Property and never endinf desaster with NVX will go on. Then this management will be 100% idiots.

3. So the same as in scenario 2, NVX doesn't have needed Money and didn't pay to EVG $400k, that means that EVG will lose Newmont Property like in scenario 2 but EVG will not proceed with this stupid Agreement with NVX, so agreement is canceled and EVG has again RSH property but EVG has lost NEM Property. But this scenario is good because RSH worth much more than NEM Property. In this case NEM could take over EVG for $3,5 Millions, similar price must NVX pay to get only RSH so for NEM this will be great and EVG will finish with Financial problems, maybe even the best case scenario for management that is then saved from humiliation.


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