Exploring for gold and base metals in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt

Abitibi has produced more than 180 M ounces of gold and more than 450 Mt of Cu-Zn ore to date



Responding to the recent comments offered on the Chester deal, Brunswick was unable to fulfill its obligations under the agreement, therefore 100% of the entire Copper deposit remains with EXS/EXSFF/E1H1. Secondly, the Kidd News Release appears redundant, however, additional drilling is planned, above & beyond what has been done to date. Dupont is, and has been for decades, deeply convinced that a mirror deposit to the Glencore Kidd VMS Mine remains undiscovered, and will not give up until he finds it. Having found exhalite on three separate occasions now, where none had ever been found in 50 years of exploration drilling in and around the Kidd mine, has only strengthened his resolve. Lets remember that he is the guy that discovered, & dilineated the TPW GOLD resource. Lets also remember that Teck looked at 15 different advanced GOLD exploration prospects before finally committing to the TPW Earn-In.  I know he is very anxious to see the assay reports on the recent 1,400meter (4,593ft) deep hole, drilled adjacent to, & north of the mine. The location, and potential VMS target was based on the Down Hole IP (Infrared Polarization) study done December/January, which identified a very interesting anomaly at depth, so, fingers crossed.


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