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Message: Jordan sales share of the nation's first

According to NBC reports, Michael jordan completed the myth of cheap jordans wealth is very alarming: Jordan Brand 2009 revenue of more than one billion U. S. dollars for the first time, NIKE annual income of more than $ 1 billion in 23 years (very wonderful digital), it's Jordan brand did.

Jordan and NIKE cooperation is already a commercial to promote the development of myth and the trapeze has retired for six and a half years, but Jordan Brand has never stopped the pace of expansion, it accounted for almost 5% of cheap air jordans the total sales of the NIKE? Jordan shoes occupy 10. 8% share of the U. S. shoe market, outside of the nation in addition to NIKE brand sales in the second Jordan shoe sales is almost twice of Adidas.

"Deification" has never been a commendatory term, until he was in Jordan, who. People are naturally received a flesh cheap jordan shoes and blood and live among us, God, and willing to build him Shengci offer Crazy worship. When 2003 finally decided to leave the stadium when the god of basketball, he still leaves a way to undertake the people's worship, it is his shoes.

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