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Extreme Biodiesel Management

Joe Spadafore

President and Director

Since January 2008, Mr. Spadafore has been the director and President of Extreme Biodisel. Mr. Spadafore has been involved in the Board of Directors decisions on implementation of the business plan, the different venues for marketing and sales of biodiesel fuel and retail biodiesel processor. Mr. Spadafore has also been the officer in charge of marketing and sales of waste vegetable oil accounts involving chain restaurants, hospital, school districts, waste management companies, frozen food manufacturers and numerous companies to obtain waste vegetable oil to reduce the cost of biodiesel fuel production from waste oil and additional cash flow through the correlated grease trap business. also negotiated a deal with an existing algae oil production company that has successfully tested algae oil for use in biodiesel From March 1993 to January 2008, Mr. Spadafore was the director and President of Spadafore & Associates, Inc. with extensive experience in business and multi-million dollar real estate transactions, including development of multi-million dollar spec homes, as well as purchasing and selling commercial and residential properties for clients and himself.

Richard B. Carter, Esq


Richard B. Carter, Esq. has the specific business and legal experience as the acting director and CFO/General Counsel of Extreme Biodiesel since January, 2008 for the existing biodiesel refinery and processor manufacturer (starting the current biodiesel fuel business from concept to production), as a Partner, Litigator and Administrator with a large corporate law firm, and as Owner/Director of his own law firm and real estate brokerage. All of which provide the experience, qualifications, attributes and skills necessary as a director of BookMerge Technology. BookMerge is a biodiesel fuel producer/blender and biodiesel processor manufacturer.

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