Producing, distributing, and creating awareness of user-friendly alternative energy products and sources of power

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Extreme Biodiesel was founded in 2003 with the specific mission to produce, distribute, and create awareness of user-friendly alternative energy products and sources of power. By entering into the quickly expanding biofuels industry, the company's primary focus is to produce a user-ready, high quality alternative fuel that is priced competitively with petro-diesel. Because there is an impending need to stop global warming and reduce humankind’s carbon footprint, Extreme Biodisel continuously strives to seek out new technologies and produce feasible eco-friendly fuels in order to make a positive impact on both the environment and our domestic economy.

Products and Profit Centers

  • Biodiesel fuel – Capable of producing 700,000 - 7,000,000 gallons of biodiesel per year at diesel #2 market price for virtually any diesel engine without modification.
  • Home Processors – Four models of the “Extreme Extractor” that makes 40 - 600 gallons of biodiesel fuel per day at a cost of $1.00 per gallon. It currently markets five different “Extreme Extractor” personal bio-diesel processors.
  • Glycerin – The only waste product from production of biodiesel sold for approximately 35 cents/gallon without treatment. Higher prices for treated glycerin.
  • IRS Credit/Rebate – IRS Registration completed and pending EPA certification for the $1.00 tax credit/rebate (which may include a 24.4 cent tax credit [eliminating tax liability] and 75.6 cent rebate [cash back]) for every gallon of biodiesel produced.

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Featured Products

Standard Extractor

The Standard Extractor is a biodiesel processor that requires a water-wash process to purify the biodiesel. Constructed of the finest materials, this system is easy to use and produces high-quality biodiesel.

Extreme Biodiesel’s Extreme Extractor

Produce biodiesel faster with the Extreme Extractor—Extreme Biodiesel’s exclusive waterless purification system. Built from quality materials, this easy to maintain system comes in 3 models:

1-hour purification system, 2-hour purification system, 5-hour purification system

Extreme Mini- Refinery

The Mini Refinery is the only waterless system available on the market that can make 600 gallons of quality biodiesel per day. Designed to run continuously, the Mini Refinery will meet all of your biodiesel needs.600 gallons/day system

Process of creating biodiesel-- an alternative fuel from petroleum diesel.

What is Biodiesel?

In today's world, one can hardly escape the subject of fuel prices and fuel supply. For a number of different reasons people have turned from standard petroleum based fuel sources and looked for a reliable alternative fuel. Biodiesel is one such fuel that experts and enthusiasts have embraced as not only their idea of a "fuel of the future", but is also their choice for a fuel for today. But, what is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a fuel containing some of the same traits as conventional diesel fuel. Biodiesel is made from high quality vegetable oils through a manufacturing process that can be done on a large scale - such as a refinery, or on a small scale - such as a home Biodiesel kit. The primary use for Biodiesel right now is as a substitute for petroleum based diesel fuel.

600 Gallon Refinery



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