Fantasy 360 Technologies Is Building Entire Virtual Reality Worlds Inside Shipping Containers That Become Immersive Theme Parks

Message: VIDEO - Fantasy 360 Technologies $VRAR Is Building The Physical Metaverse Bridging The Virtual World With The Physical

VIDEO - Fantasy 360 Technologies $VRAR Is Building The Physical Metaverse Bridging The Virtual World With The Physical

posted on Nov 10, 2021 06:00PM

The Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality (VRAR) market is projected to hit $1.5 TRILLION (not a typo) by 2030.  The applications will be enormous from military to e-commerce to ... GAMING and that's where Fantasy 360 Technologies $VRAR comes in. 

F360 is building entire virtual reality worlds inside shipping containers that become unbelievable immersive theme parks.  The company refers to it as a “theme park in a container” because of its modular and mobile container-based system.  


If you can't imagine it, we don't blame you, that's why we've included a 60-second demo clip inside this interview ... or you can watch it right now ... to be blown away by the experience. 

The container model enables entertainment center operators (those 50,000 - 100,000 square foot facilities full of games and restaurants) to offer immersive virtual reality entertainment experiences anywhere in the world.  

More than just lip service, CEO Tim Bieber says they have received "overwhelming response" and expect significant orders in the very near future.  And you can take that to the bank because $VRAR already has a track record of success in its first 4 years as a private company:  

  • $5.5 Million In Revenues
  • Deployed 60+ Interactive Experiences Around The World
  • Clients Include - Intel, Capital One, Scotia Bank, Snickers and even the US Food & Drug Administration

The company recently announced that their UNCONTAINED VR attraction has moved out of Beta and into production development.

How significant is this?

Fantasy 360 Technologies CEO Tim Bieber says it best,

“The Metaverse will be driven by social experiences which are at the core of the Out-Of-Home Entertainment industry, and where real world social entertainment will always be important. We envision a future where consumers will want to meet their friends and family in physical entertainment locations which will offer a blending of physical reality with the ability to be teleported to worlds beyond belief with hyper-immersive realism that can’t be done at home. Our Hardware and Software platforms are the basis for our Uncontained hardware product, which is our first step into building these experiences for brands and operators of all kinds.”

Now sit back, relax and watch this powerful interview with Fantasy 360 Technologies CEO Tim Bieber.

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