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Developing the Muskwa Copper Project in Northern British Columbia

Message: Fabled Copper’s Lady Luck Reports High-Grade Copper Including 14.30 % Copper over 4.60 meters

Fabled Copper Corp. ("Fabled Copper" or the "Company") (CSE:FABL) announces the first results of 2021 surface field work on it's Muskwa Copper Project comprised of the Neil Property (previously referred to as the North Block) and the Toro Property (previously referred to as the South Block) in Northwestern British Columbia. The Company also holds rights to the Bronson Property. See Figure 1 below.

Figure 1 - Location Map

Peter J Hawley, President and CEO of Fabled reports; "We start the new year with the reporting of our findings on the Lady Luck occurrence located at the southern end of the Neil Property. See Figure 2 below. As you will see, the high grade copper occurrence has certainly been well named with a total of 16 surface samples collected by the old fashioned, boots on the ground, high altitude sampling of the vein structure over a vertical distance of 444 meters starting at an altitude of 1,320 meters."

Of the 16 samples collected, 3 reported no values, 10 greater than 1%, copper, 5 greater than 5% copper, 5 greater than 10% copper and 2 greater than 20% copper, (1% copper = 22.20 pounds). See Table 1 below.

Figure 2- Neil Property, Lady Luck Location

Sample # D-723002 taken at the lowest elevation of 1,320 meters was composed of quartz veining, breccia and stockwork, with black shale fragments in a white quartz matrix which is mineralized with patches and seams of copper sulphides measuring 5% (bornite - chalcopyrite), abundant malachite staining, and returned 8.17% copper over 0.15 meters of exposed veining thru the valley floor rubble. See Table 1 below.

Sample # D- 723260 was taken 87 meters vertically above D-723002 at a vertical elevation of 1,407 meters where the Lady Luck Structure surfaced again. A grab sample of the rubble at the base of the structure returned 20.20% copper, The sample consisted of weathered, dark brassy brown quartz on the surface and mottled white, brassy yellow on a fresh surface. Moderate malachite, and contained 60% chalcopyrite. See Photo1, 2, Table 1 below.

Photo 1 - Lady Luck

Photo 2 - Lady Luck

At the 1,411-meter elevation, only 4 meters above of that previously described, 2 float samples, D-723259 and D-723258 were taken and reported 2.80 % copper and 1.91% copper respectively. See Table 1 below.

The next mineralized occurrence of the vein structure was at 1,679 meters, 268 meters vertically above, where rubble sample D-723250 returned 3.28% copper. See Table 1 below.

At 1,715 meters the mineralized structure continued and rubble sample D-723005 assayed 26.10% copper, 36 meters vertically above that which was last sampled. This incredible copper sample consisted of semi-massive sulphides, rusty dark - light brown on the surface, minor malachite staining, 95% sulphides, 2% quartz, 3% sheared shale host rock. See Photo 2, Table 1 below.

Photo 3 - Lady Luck

At the final vertical elevation of 1,764 meters, 24 meters above that last sampled two samples were taken,

A grab sample, # D-723003, taken at the base of the mineralized outcropping of the Lady Luck vein structure and returned 16.50% copper. The sample contained a white quartz carbonate vein with patches of carbonated ribboned with seams and patches of sulphides and iron carbonate, limonite alteration common, vuggy with crystal growth in the cavities, abundant malachite staining, non-magnetic, 6% sulphides, (chalcopyrite - bornite), see Photo 3, Table 1 below.

Photo 4 - Lady Luck

At the same vertical elevation, a composite sample D-723004 was taken over a total of 4.60 meters which returned 14.30% copper.The area sampled consisted of a quartz carbonate vein, with white quartz containing patches of iron carbonate, abundant malachite staining, 7% copper sulphides as semi-massive patches, blebs and disseminated chalcopyrite and bornite.

See Photo 4 below of in-place mineralization, note helicopter below and pitch for steepness

Photo 5 - Lady Luck

Table 1 - Lady Luck 2021 Surface Samples

Sample No.

Elevation (m)

Type of Sample

Copper (Cu) Grade %

D - 723002


Chip / 0.15 m


D - 723260




D - 723259




D - 723258




D - 723252




D - 723250




D - 723005




D - 723251




D - 723247


Chip / 0.70


D - 723248


Chip / 0.50 m


Sample No.

Elevation (m)

Type of Sample

Copper (Cu) Grade %

D - 723001




D - 723003




D - 723004


Composite / 4.60 m


  • Samples taken over 444 meters vertically

Moving Forwards

Needless to say, the impressive grades over 444 meters vertically on the Lady Luck certainly warrants following up in the 2022 season. The Lady Luck vein structure has never been drilled and remain open in all directions.

QA QC Procedure

Analytical results of sampling reported by Fabled Copper Corp represent rock samples submitted by Fabled Copper Corp. staff directly to ALS Chemex, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Samples were crushed, split, and pulverized as per ALS Chemex method PREP-31, then analyzed for ME-ICP61 33 element package by four acid digestion with ICP-AES Finish. ME-GRA21 method for Au and Ag by fire assay and gravimetric finish, 30g nominal sample weight.

Over Limit Methods

For samples triggering precious metal over-limit thresholds of 10 g/t Au or 100 g/t Ag, the following is being used:

Au-GRA21 Au by fire assay and gravimetric finish with 30 g sample.

Ag-GRA21 Ag by fire assay and gravimetric finish.

Fabled Copper Corp. monitors QA/QC using commercially sourced standards and locally sourced blank materials inserted within the sample sequence at regular intervals.

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About Fabled Copper Corp.

Fabled Copper is a junior mining exploration company. Its current focus is to creating value for stakeholders through the exploration and development of its existing copper properties located in northern British Columbia. The Muskwa Project comprises a total of 76 claims in two non-contiguous blocks and totals approximately 8,064.9 hectares, located in the Liard Mining Division in northern British Columbia.

Mr. Peter J. Hawley, President and C.E.O.

Fabled Copper Corp.
Phone: (819) 316-0919
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