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Developing the Muskwa Copper Project in Northern British Columbia

Message: Fabled Copper Secures Underground Adits

Fabled Copper Corp. ("Fabled Copper" or the "Company") (CSE:FABL)(FSE:XZ7) announces that from mid-June - Early September 2022 they were successful in securing 4 adit entrances on its Muskwa Copper Project. See Figure 1 below.

Figure 1 - General Property Location

The Muskwa Project is comprised of the Neil Property, the Toro Property and the Bronson Property located in northern British Columbia. The Neil Property was the location of the various adits secured during 2022. See Figure 2 below.

Figure 2 - Location Map

Peter Hawley, President, CEO reports; " We at Fabled Copper Corp are continuing to work diligently to ensure effective stewardship of the lands by securing open adit entrances which could be a potential hazard not only to the guide and outfitter of the area but also wildlife. By taking this approach not only do we prevent a potential accident but also secure the historical adits in case access is required at a future time."

"As always Fabled Copper acknowledges that the Muskwa project occurred on lands and in watersheds of importance to Kaska, Fort Nelson First Nation, and Treaty 8 Nations. We are honoured to share responsibility for the stewardship of these places."

From mid-June - early September 2022 the Fabled crew worked on the cleaning and rehabilitation of 4 adits entrances

A 1 tonne mini-excavator was slung into and moved around by a 205 helicopter during the moves. See Photo 1 below.

Photo 1 - Excavator Move by Helicopter

The first of the 4 adits worked on was the Davis Keays Eagle Vein 6400 level, followed by the Eagle Vein 5950 level, the 5800 level of the Harris vein and then the final adit for the season, the Magnum 5200 level.

Davis Keays Eagle Vein 6400 Level

The initial snow clearing began in mid-June as at the 6,400-foot elevation the spring melt had not begun at that time. See Photo 2 below.

Photo 2 - 6400 Level Snow Removal.

Once all the snow was removed from all exposed rock faces including the back or the roof of the entrance of the adit, all were then mechanically scraped to remove all loose debris that could pose a safety hazard and two munster heaters were placed in the entrance to melt the ice plug. See Photos 3-4 below.

Photo 3 - Cleaning 6400 level adit

Photo 4 - Heaters in Entrance

While the ice plug was thawing out, the base at the entrance was constructed and a tower built to clear future snow falls and a door with lock installed, see Photo's 5,6 and 7 below.

Photo 5 - Base Being Constructed

Photo 6 - Tower Being Constructed

Photo 7- Final door installed on Davis Keays 6400 level.

Davis Keays Eagle Vein 5950 Level

The excavator was then slung by a 205 helicopter to the Davis Keays 5950 level at a lower elevation and the same process was performed. See Photo's 8-11 below.

Photo 8 - Snow at Audit Entrance 5950 Level

Photo 9 - Back / Roof Inspection of 5950 Level

Photo 10 - Wood Timber Supporting the Roof / Back of the Adit Entrance

Photo 11 -Wooden Closure

Photo 12 -Final door installed on Davis Keays 5950 level.

Harris 5800 Level Adit

The excavator was then moved by helicopter to the Harris Adit location and once again the same process was completed. See Photos 13 and 14 below.

Photo 13 - 5800 Level Harris Vein Adit Before

Photo 14 - 5800 Level Harris Vein Adit After

Magnum 5200 Level Adit

Once again, the excavator was move by helicopter to the Magnum Mine 5200 level adit and the same procedure was done once again. See Photos 15 and 16 below.

Photo 15 - 5200 Level Magnum Mine before

Photo 16 - 5200 level magnum Mine After

In closing, this major undertaking which not only included the slinging of the excavator by helicopter but also all the wood and metal to support building the adit closures was done under budget and on time. The first priority is to look out for the safety of our workers and to prevent any potentially dangerous situations to people and wild life.

About Fabled Copper Corp.

Fabled Copper is a junior mining exploration company. Its current focus is to creating value for stakeholders through the exploration and development of its existing copper properties located in northern British Columbia. The Muskwa Project comprises a total of 76 claims in two non-contiguous blocks and totals approximately 8,064.9 hectares, located in the Liard Mining Division in northern British Columbia.

Mr. Peter J. Hawley, President and C.E.O.

Fabled Copper Corp.

Phone: (819) 316-0919

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For further information please contact:

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