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Message: Searching, testing, and decisions about the gas in Makó.

Searching, testing, and decisions about the gas in Makó.

posted on Jul 18, 2009 02:58AM

Searching, testing, and decisions about the gas in Makó.


Hódmezővásárhely - It is still not clear whether the estimated 330 – 1500 billion cubic meters gas resource in the Makó trough is economically exploitable.

The Makó trough gas explorations were started on December 29 2005 by TXM Olaj- és Gázkutató Kft the subsidiary of the Canadian Falcon Oil & Gas in the Óföldeák area. Then, the explorations were continued by ExxonMobil Hungary Kft subsidiary of ExxonMobil in partnership with MOL in the Mindszent and later in the Hódmezővásárhely area. Drillings on the Mindszent well was completed in November of last year, however at the later site there is an increased activity.

The Hódmezővásárhely-1 well at the Bodzási út, outside the city was completed this spring. There is an intensive work activity around the Hód-1 well, preparation for well-testing begin. At the moment equipments are being deployed for well completion and testing. The process requires about 45 days.

“During this process, we will acquire information that will be correlated with the mutually worked out geological model for a necessary drilling and fraccing technology in the local geological environment.” – explained György Bacsur from MOL’s communications.

Tesztelésre készülnek a vásárhelyi kútnál.
Fotó: Tésik Attila

The well outside Mindszent was finished last November; plans to complete this well will be based on the Hod-1 technological and geological testing results.- said György Bacsur.

We’ve also learned from the mayor of Földeák Imre Vass, the group of companies that doing the exploration in the area have submitted an application to the Mining Bureau for hydrocarbon production. However, it will require a long preparatory work before that.

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