Falcon is a global energy company with projects in Hungary, Australia & South Africa

Developing large acreage positions of unconventional and conventional oil and gas resources

Message: The Falcon play

Yes, I love Waiting, as are those of the long-term Falcon investors. Waiting with anticipation for Falcon to prove that their discoveries in Hungary and Australia is the “mother of all reserves” – with billions and billions of barrels of oil and trillions upon trillions of natural gas that would transform a little known energy company into a very lucrative energy producer. Potentially hundreds of billion dollars value. Presently, I value Falcon between $1 and $1.35

In Australia, Ryder Scott estimates recoverable resources of 18 BBO and 64 TCF gas.


In Hungary, RPS Scotia estimates recoverable resource potential of 44 TCF and 100 million barrels of oil.


Once again, the backroom boys are not happy with the allocation of shares. Hence today’s price manipulation, and the influx of “tools” in the last few days.

Share allocations.

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