Falcon is a global energy company with projects in Hungary, Australia & South Africa

Developing large acreage positions of unconventional and conventional oil and gas resources

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It is a luxurious alpine retreat in the Swiss mountains. A man standing at the window looking at the mountain peaks in the distance.

Another man, older, sits in a Wingback leather chair.The two men, both billionaires, are friends. The older man is the founder of Falcon Oil and Gas. The man at the window is Falcon’s largest shareholder.

The fly perches on the leather chair behind the elderly man’s head.

“A penny for your thoughts, Victor” says the old man. “You sure look distracted today.”

“Oh, I’m more than distracted, Mark. I’m done right annoyed.”

“Annoyed with what?” says the old man.

“With these long-term investors. No matter what we’re throwing at them, they just aren’t selling. ”

“Well Victor, we did everything within our power, like creating the AIM Listing for the sole purpose of shepherding Falcon’s stock price in Toronto. But that doesn’t work. You can’t move a battleship with a fishing boat. Our friends the market agents can’t get the job done either. Churning is a zero sum game. I think those long-term investor are determined to hold, and you better get used to it. Besides, you just picked up 38 million shares for 0.207 cents and I believe that was a steal. “

“Yeah I know Mark. Except I can’t get used to the idea rubbing shoulders with 13,000 new millionaires. “

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