Falcon is a global energy company with projects in Hungary, Australia & South Africa

Developing large acreage positions of unconventional and conventional oil and gas resources

Message: All TSX-V Trades

On December 4th 2018, I had to rebuild my computer in order to repair the damage these unscrupolous BackroomBoys did to my computer.

Do this again, then I will hand over my computer to the RCMP Cyber crimes division.

Another hurdle is down.

Falcon just became exponentially more valuable.

But that didn't stop the backroom shenanigens, in fact the shenanigans relentlessly intensified. 

And you don't have to be a member of the Mensa Society to figure out why.

So, hold your sares!

Like Renova..like Burlingame...like Persistency.. like Sweetpea...like Nicolas Mathys

You are also looking at a $10.00 per share pool.

You are in good company.


You know what's the bigest backroomBoys fakery? Canadian dollar's value goes up and in London Falkon's share price does not. London listing is one tenth of the TSX listing, yet they fake high volumes and low share prices.

Then there's the dirtiest fakery of all. They send in their minions to poo poo on your investment.

Which brings to mind the minions on the other side of the pond. There the poo poo so thick that you need stilts to navigate through it.

Today the BackroomBoys relentlessly Faked it up and down.. 3 times.

Faked it left, no sellers.  Faked it right, no sellers. Faked it up, no sellers. Faked it down, no sellers.

The minion BS activity intensified. Wait for it… will fake it down some more.  First and foremost swindle the little guy.

Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

They have absolutely no shame.

The 13,000 long-term shareholders don't trade because: Real trades starts @ $4.00

Today, once again the usual suspects scratched eachother's back.

While some peas have a name, others are Anonymous, but they all have one thing in common, they are totally rotten.

And I did tell you!  Don't hold your breath, the backroomboys be back with a vengence!

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Vested interest... 

It is a luxurious alpine retreat in the Swiss mountains. A man standing at the window looking at the mountain peaks in the distance.

Another man, older, sits in a Wingback leather chair.The two men, both billionaires, are friends. The older man is the founder of Falcon Oil and Gas. The man at the window is Falcon’s largest shareholder.

The fly perches on the leather chair behind the elderly man’s head.

“A penny for your thoughts, Victor” says the old man. “You sure look distracted today.”

“Oh, I’m more than distracted, Mark. I’m done right annoyed.”

“Annoyed with what?” says the old man.

“With these long-term investors. No matter what we’re throwing at them, they just aren’t selling. ”

“Well Victor, we did everything within our power, like creating the AIM Listing for the sole purpose of shepherding Falcon’s stock price in Toronto. But that doesn’t work. You can’t move a battleship with a fishing boat. Our friends the market agents can’t get the job done either. Churning is a zero sum game. I think those long-term investor are determined to hold, and you better get used to it. Besides, you just picked up 38 million shares for 0.207 cents and I believe that was a steal. “

“Yeah I know Mark. Except I can’t get used to the idea rubbing shoulders with 13,000 new millionaires. “


The Exchange Tower is a 36 storey tower. The elevator stops on the third floor, as the elevator door opens the fly quickly escapes from the confinement into the half acre office complex, home to hundreds of Market Makers. Immediately the fly makes a beeline through an open door for the donuts on the sideboard. This room is no ordinary room. This room is the fabled ‘back-room’ where only a select few, to the outside world Faceless-Backroom-Boys ply their trade.

The meeting is over, a dozen or so FBB’s about to leave the room, just then the chief FBB calls back his number one FBB.

“ Number One, give me the year to date report on our Cinderella stock Falcon. You should know that our biggest investors are getting impatient.”

“Well Chief, which one do you want to hear first, the good news or the bad news?”

“Ok, give me the bad news first.”

“I have to tell you up front that we’re using every available tool in the toolbox but the result is still the same as it was all of last year, no one is selling. Hence we have to prime the sluice; consequently we end up hemorrhaging our pool of shares to smart long-term investors.”

“Look Number One, I don’t want to hear about smart investors, just use our double talking minions and find more tools in that toolbox and get results. Our purpose is to profit, so screw the public. We’re the market makers, and that’s what we do.”

“More like Robber Barons”

“I hope that was just a tongue in cheek remark, not some sort of guilt trip.”

“Of course not”

“Ok Number One. So what’s the good news?”

“Just picked up some more Falcon in my private account”


Same city, Toronto, also known as The Big Smoke. Same Exchange Tower, 36 storey high. Same half acre office complex on the third floor, home to hundreds of Market Makers. Same special ‘back-room’ where Faceless-Backroom-Boys ply their trade.

However, the time is 6 months later and the donuts on the sideboard was freshly delivered from Tim Hortons. So was the Fly in that same box.

The Chief FBB has a visitor, a CEO from a large capital investment firm.

“ What’s the status of my 50 million shares order of Falcon I placed last year, Chief?”

“ I’m sorry to say, but there isn’t any for you. Neither to anyone.” says the chief.

“ Explain, how’s that possible?”

“Let me ask you first, what’s the reason you are so keen to get 50 million shares of Falcon?”

“ Well, Falcon has 200 TCF of gas and 21 billion barrels of oil assets in Australia and Hungary. So, when it’s becomes proven, we’re talking 300 billion dollars value at minimum. Am I right, Chief?”

“So then, in your answer lies the explanation. When Falcon’s play becomes proven, Falcon itself will be worth 100 billion dollars. This fact and the fact that Falcon’s 4 largest investors own about 430 million shares of Falcon haven’t been lost on the other 13,000 long term investors.”

“ So you are saying that I’m out of luck. So then tell me what would I have to pay if I want to fill my order in the coming week?”

“North of 3 dollars and I’ll gladly accommodate you.”

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Target Price $10.00+++

Present non-backroom value is $4.00.

There are 13,000 long-term investors following this Forum. And this fact, as a matter of course bothers the backroom boys.

We, the 13,000 long-term investors holding stronger than ever. Like Renova..like Burlingame...like Persistency.. like Sweetpea...like Nicolas Mathys

You can find me on this chart, I'm one of the 13,000.

You are also looking at a $10.00 per share pool.

You are in very good company.

Japan Liquefied Natural Gas Import Price: 8.30 USD/MMBtu for July 2017

"Falcon Oil wishes to confirm it is fully disclosed and is not aware of any reason for this activity."

How about backroom manipulation?  

Huge churning from very deep left pocket into very deep right pocket then into very deep rear pocket.

Scratch my back andI'll scratch yours.

Meanwhile London: the deplorable, double talking backroomboys triple down hard to bamboozle the investors. Their minion's are in a frenzy, spewing out BS on steroids.

Meanwhile in Toronto: 

 Eight days of assault on the TSX-V bythe backroom boys produced negative results.

Meanwhile the 13.000 investors realy annoying the backroom boys.



Before censorship, I was able to place a table in my posts that you can read easily.

The 13,000 thanking agoracom for proving how valueable Falcon is.

They  stopped me to post tables created with Microsoft Office. I'm calling on agoracom to restore nine years worth of work.

Ofcourse there's a reason for censorship, the less an ordinary investor knows the easyer to bambo

Now I want to remind the investors of the infamous backroom boys shenanigans on April 25, 2014:

Historical News

2014-05-02 08:05 ET - News Release

 Mr. Philip O'Quigley reports


 Exactly one week before this announcment the backroom-boys assaulted the faitful Falcon shareholders with a 24 million shares manipulation tried to create a panic sell off. Ofcourse they failed.

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