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Developing large acreage positions of unconventional and conventional oil and gas resources

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 What's the difference between a backroomboy and a call girl?

The call girl fakes it convincingly!

What about the minions droppings?

You shouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole!

Tim Hortons buzz….

 Tim Hortons is the place where the ordinary Falconer meets and chats over a coffee.

Again another day at Tim's coffee shop. The true Falconers yet again turn to Jimmy the Geek for answers.

-Hey Jimmy...

-I know, I know. Just remember, if you are ready to add more, always buy on the ask side.


As usual the true Falconers are in a heated discussion over the dishonest antics used by the greedy faceless-backroom-boys.

And as usual, once again they turn to Jimmy the Greek for advice.

- Hey Jimmy, now that the greedy faceless-backroom-boys forced the share price down to this ridiculously low levels, I have been trying to pick up some shares, but no cigar. Why is that?

-Obviously you are trying to buy on bid side. The backroom-boys put you in the back of the queue. That's how they protect their pool on the ask side. Haven't you noticed that the ask side does't change at all, and yet tens of thousands move to the bid side. And then they move the bid and ask down a notch. However they are counting on your greediness and usualy you do the same. This way they can manipulate the stock price down to the levels that might induce the less knowledgeable investors to sell.

My advice in the scenario like ours is that if you are ready to add more, always buy on the ask side.


Just another day at Tim Hortons. Once again the Falcon group is in heated discussion over the dishonest antics used by the greedy faceless-backroom-boys.

One of them says - lets ask Jimmy the Geek, he's a realy smart guy.

- Hey Jimmy what's with those double talking minions across the pond?

- Well guys, as you all know they are FBB employees, masquerading as investors.

  Usually, when an investment becomes more valuable -as just Falcon did - the FBB goes all out and try to take away from the public as much investment as they can getaway with. So, to achieve their goal, they have to create a state of disllusionment, through spreading negativity and it becomes difficult to stay positive about what once gave you hope and joy, and so on. That's what the minions are for, that's their job.

Now, I don't give a flying fart what they do, I know my investment and I sleep well, and so should you.



 Everyone is very cheerful at Tim Hortons and dicussing Tuesday's big news from australia. After a while the subject of discussion drifts towards the greedines of the faceless-backroom-boys.

One of them asks Jimmy the Geek, a pretty bright guy.

-Tell us Jimmy, why do these FBB still pretending as if there were real sellers?

- Because it’s the oldest trick in the toolbox. Old as balls!. And that's not all. The London listing is one tenth of the Toronto listing. Then 5 hours ahead of Toronto they knock the price down with fake trades and wait for Toronto to open. And then Toronto follows suit. The truth is that fakery does not work.

 -And do you guys know why doesn't work? Because the FBB just sticking their heads in the sand and are ignorant enough to believe that the 13,000 smart investors are just plain stupid.

The 13,000 investors are amongst good company!


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