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2021-03-19 06:29 ET - News Release

Mr. Philip O'Quigley reports


Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd. has provided details of the 2021 work program in the Beetaloo subbasin, Northern Territory, Australia, with its joint venture partner, Origin Energy B2 Pty. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Origin Energy Ltd.

The 2021 work program is expected to include the following:

  • Resume cleanup operations of Kyalla 117 N2-1H ST2 and commence an extended production test (EPT);
  • Drill Velkerri 76 S2-1 vertical well;
  • Perform a production test at Amungee NW 1H. 

2021 work program detail

Kyalla 117


  • As announced by Falcon on Jan. 19, 2021, Origin submitted a notification of discovery and an initial report on discovery to the Northern Territory government.
  • Unassisted gas flow rates ranging between 400,000 and 600,000 standard cubic feet per day were recorded over 17 hours, which are preliminary indications of well performance, and an EPT is now required to determine the long-term performance of Kyalla 117.

2021 work program includes:

  • Resumption of reservoir cleanup operations using an artificial lift technique;
  • If the Kyalla 117 cleanup is successful, progress to an EPT. 

Velkerri 76


  • Targeting the Velkerri play along the southeastern flank of the Beetaloo subbasin, which is predicted to be in a liquids-rich gas window.

2021 work program includes: 

  • Drill a vertical pilot well to acquire core and log and run diagnostic fracture injection test data across the Velkerri.

Amungee NW 1H


  • On Dec. 22, 2016, Falcon announced that, following a 57-day EPT of the well, production averaged 1.10 million standard cubic feet per day.
  • On Feb. 15, 2017, Falcon announced that Origin had submitted the results of evaluation of the discovery and preliminary estimate of petroleum in place for the Amungee NW-1H Velkerri B shale gas pool to the Northern Territory government amounting to a gross contingent resource of 6.6 trillion cubic feet, 1.46 trillion cubic feet net to Falcon. 

2021 work program includes:

  • A production test to be carried out to determine if all frack stages contributed to the initial EPT conducted in 2016.

Philip O'Quigley, chief executive officer of Falcon, commented: "This year's program covering three different plays in the Beetaloo will provide key information that will help determine the future appraisal and development program. The prospect of multiple positive results is exciting, and we look forward to providing these results as soon as they become available. Falcon is fully carried for the 2021 work program costs."

Take away:

Do not sell any of your Falcon shares under $10.00 

Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd.


Gas Composition Data Confirm Kyalla Liquids Rich Gas Play

22 January 2021 - Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd. (TSXV: FO, AIM: FOG) is pleased to announce the following update on the first gas composition data obtained during the 17-hour unassisted flow period of the Kyalla 117 N2-1H ST2 well (“ Kyalla 117 ”) in the Beetaloo Sub-basin, Australia.

The initial analysis of natural gas by gas chromatography confirms a liquids-rich gas stream low in CO as follows:

  • = 65.03 mol%
  • = 18.72 mol%
  • = 8.37 mol%
  • iC = 1.29 mol%
  • nC = 2.03 mol%
  • + = 2.73 mol%
  • CO = 0.91 mol%
  • = 0.92 mol%

The elevated C + gas component of 14.42 mol%, which meets our pre-drill expectations, confirms the Lower Kyalla Shale as a liquids-rich gas play. Gas composition data also support the view that the Kyalla gas stream will have elevated LPG and condensate yields.

As announced on 19 January 2021, longer term measures will be put in place to flow back sufficient hydraulic fracture stimulation water to allow the Kyalla 117 to flow continually without assistance. This work is expected to commence at the start of the dry season in Q2 2021 and if successful will allow an extended production test ("EPT") of between 60 and 90 days to commence.

Philip O’Quigley (CEO of Falcon) commented:

“The initial gas composition data are very encouraging providing a strong indication for the liquids rich gas play in the Kyalla formation. We will update the market when operations recommence at Kyalla 117 at the beginning of the dry season in Q2 2021.”

The Beetaloo Strategic Basin Plan released as part of the gas-fired economic recovery


Do not sell any of your Falcon shares under $10.00 




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Tim Hortons buzz….

 Tim Hortons is the place where the ordinary Falconer meets and chats over a coffee.

Again it's another day at Tim's coffee shop. As Falcon’s drilling programme getting underway, the excited Falconers yet again turn to Jimmy the Geek for answers.

-Hey Jimmy…the analyst consensus having a Buy rating on Falcon Oil & Gas.

  What’s your rating?

-Well boys, what I'm gonna say has nothing to do with rating.

  It’s called advice: Do not sell under $10.00

 Tim Hortons is the place where the ordinary Falconer meets and chats over a coffee.

Again it's another day at Tim's coffee shop. The true Falconers yet again turn to Jimmy the Geek for answers.

-Hey Jimmy...

-I know, I know. Just remember, if you are ready to add more, always buy on the ask side.


As usual the true Falconers are in a heated discussion over the dishonest antics used by the greedy faceless-backroom-boys.

And as usual, once again they turn to Jimmy the Greek for advice.

- Hey Jimmy, now that the greedy faceless-backroom-boys forced the share price down to this ridiculously low levels, I have been trying to pick up some shares, but no cigar. Why is that?

-Obviously you are trying to buy on bid side. The backroom-boys put you in the back of the queue. That's how they protect their pool on the ask side. Haven't you noticed that the ask side does't change at all, and yet tens of thousands move to the bid side. And then they move the bid and ask down a notch. However they are counting on your greediness and usualy you do the same. This way they can manipulate the stock price down to the levels that might induce the less knowledgeable investors to sell.

My advice in the scenario like ours is that if you are ready to add more, always buy on the ask side.


Just another day at Tim Hortons. Once again the Falcon group is in heated discussion over the dishonest antics used by the greedy faceless-backroom-boys.

One of them says - lets ask Jimmy the Geek, he's a realy smart guy.

- Hey Jimmy what's with those double talking minions across the pond?

- Well guys, as you all know they are FBB employees, masquerading as investors.

  Usually, when an investment becomes more valuable -as just Falcon did - the FBB goes all out and try to take away from the public as much investment as they can getaway with. So, to achieve their goal, they have to create a state of disllusionment, through spreading negativity and it becomes difficult to stay positive about what once gave you hope and joy, and so on. That's what the minions are for, that's their job. Basket of deplorable people.

Now, I don't give a flying fart what they do, I know my investment and I sleep well, and so should you.



 Everyone is very cheerful at Tim Hortons and dicussing Tuesday's big news from australia. After a while the subject of discussion drifts towards the greedines of the faceless-backroom-boys.

One of them asks Jimmy the Geek, a pretty bright guy.

-Tell us Jimmy, why do these FBB still pretending as if there were real sellers?

- Because it’s the oldest trick in the toolbox. Old as balls!. And that's not all. The London listing is one tenth of the Toronto listing. Then 5 hours ahead of Toronto they knock the price down with fake trades and wait for Toronto to open. And then Toronto follows suit. The truth is that fakery does not work.

 -And do you guys know why doesn't work? Because the FBB just sticking their heads in the sand and are ignorant enough to believe that the 13,000 smart investors are just plain stupid.

No image? Apparently the manipulators are back. Many thanks to the BackroomBoys to prove just how badly they yearn to possess your Falcon shares. 

So hold and do not selll any of your shares under $4.00

The 13,000 investors are amongst good company!

Rule to long-term investing:

When you find a value stock put it in your portfolio and hold; like Burlingame, like Renova, like Sweetpea, like Persistency, like Nicolas Mathys

When big players are set to acquire a big position in a company, they always employ agents to accumulate the shares on the open market, then months later a transaction will occur between the parties for a healthy profit for the agents. On the other hand the buyer saves a lot of money for not buying it on the open markets.

This is how Burlingame acquired 105,835,269 shares in 2008 and 2009.

Burlingame’s 1st tranche

Burlingame’s 2nd tranche

Burlingame’s 3rd tranche

Burlingame’s 4th tranche

In 2011 Burlingame increased their holding to 125 million shares.

No image? Apparently the manipulators are back. Many thanks to the BackroomBoys to prove just how badly they yearn to possess your Falcon shares. 

So hold and do not selll any of your shares under $4.00

Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd. (LON:FOG) Kyalla 117 N2-1 – Horizonal Drilling Commenced

 abm  December 10, 2019

10 December 2019 – Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd. (TSXV: FO, AIM: FOG) is pleased to announce that drilling of the horizontal section of the Kyalla 117 N2-1H appraisal well in the Beetaloo Sub-Basin, Australia has commenced, along with the advancement of the vertical well evaluation.



Drilling of the Kyalla 117 N2-1H horizontal well has commenced

  • The JV has elected to land the horizontal well within the Lower Kyalla shale, at a depth of ~1800mTVD.
  • The horizontal section will be drilled for approximately 1,000-2,000 metres.
  • On completion of drilling, the horizontal section will be fracture stimulated and production tested.

Evaluation of the Kyalla 117 N2-1 vertical well advances

  • Three source rock reservoir (“SRR”) sections are identified within the Kyalla Shale Formation, characterised as the Lower, Middle and Upper Kyalla.
  • The thickness of the entire Kyalla Shale Formation measured almost 900 metres.
  • Gross thickness of each SRR interval is between 75 and 125 metres.
  • Each SRR exhibited elevated gas shows with relatively high C3, C4 and C5 components.
  • Diagnostic fracture injection tests (“DFITs”) were performed on each SRR.

Ongoing analysis of conventional cores acquired in each of the Upper and Lower Kyalla reservoir sections, along with sidewall cores, DFITs and extensive wireline logging, will enable a full-scale evaluation of prospectivity of the Kyalla Formation in the central part of the Beetaloo Sub-Basin.

Philip O’Quigley, CEO of Falcon commented:

“Ongoing evaluation of the of the Kyalla 117 N2-1 vertical appraisal well is very encouraging. The drilling of a 1,000-2,000 metre horizontal well in the Lower Kyalla shale has started and we will continue to update the market as soon as more results become available”.





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