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Message: Fanlogic launches as first user

Mr. Randy Brownell reports


Fanlogic Interactive Inc. has launched as its first launch powered by the platform with [email protected] Further, Fanlogic anticipates the website to be fully functional during September, 2018, and is working with other companies identified as potential clients.

The product enables sports teams, clubs and universities to offer their fans an e-mail at their themed domains and represents a significant commercial revenue opportunity for the team, club or university and a simple way of monetizing fan bases (example: [email protected]).

Branded e-mails allow fans to show support and loyalty to their teams, clubs or schools. gives its customers the power to identify their fans and followers. It also gives the ability to provide opt-in opportunities for advertising and marketing with discounts to e-mail holders for merchandise, in-stadium purchases, third party sponsor products, season ticket offerings and donor programs, while better understanding their fans. For every one of the millions of fans around the world who love their teams, clubs or universities, a branded e-mail lets the world know who they support.

Fans can now visit the site and sign up to be alerted when their favourite sports organization, club or university is available.

Randy Brownell, Fanlogic's chief executive officer, commented: "Having as our first user for platform is an honour. is well positioned in the combat sports industry and has a large following of passionate fans of their product. Personalized sport- and fighter-based e-mail domains gives a unique and exciting additional product to engage fight fans with. and Fanlogic are also working in unison to offer a token of our appreciation, allowing fight fans to crowd fund their favourite fighters while earning and receiving rewards in return."

Fanlogic is driving the evolution in brand awareness and consumer loyalty utilizing data analytics, gamification and social influencer marketing. Fanlogic is a brand referral platform used to drive leads and increase brand engagement. Fanlogic's digital lead and sales generation success is driven through its proprietary peer-to-peer referral-based contests, loyalty programs and incentives, coupons, sweepstakes, charitable initiatives, branded games, 50/50 lotteries and charity draws, social daily fantasy sports and entertainment contests, and the branded e-mail offering.

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