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Message: Fanlogic signs NASCAR Xfinity team to VIP program

Mr. Randy Brownell reports


In partnership with CelebYou LLC, Fanlogic Interactive Inc. has agreed to terms for a multiyear contract to bring sponsors and fans together for a NASCAR Xfinity Series team through the company's fan VIP program powered by the company's proprietary contesting platform, Fanlogic Connect.

The VIP programs have multiple components. These include exclusive contests for members, discounts on celebrity products, exclusive communication from celebrities to members, opportunities for members to meet celebrities in VIP experiences, and discounts on hotels and other Fanlogic network associated brands' goods and services.

Fanlogic's chief executive officer, Randy Brownell, commented: "Working with a team that has the reach, loyalty and fan base of NASCAR is extremely exciting and gratifying for us. NASCAR brings world-class companies to their fans such as Chevrolet, Ford, Coca-Cola, M&Ms and many more. NASCAR Xfinity fans spend on average 11 hours per week interacting with the Xfinity series. We are excited to have this introduction to such a large and loyal fan base. We will launch the team's VIP program to connect sponsors, fans and the race team at the Homestead, Fla., race this fall and create activities around the entire 2019 Xfinity Series race season."

Fanlogic and CelebYou

Fanlogic and CelebYou have brought powerful strengths from each to change how brands, celebrities and fans interact, while also working to wipe out bullying. CelebYou's principal is a master of business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing. Fanlogic is an innovator in the field of digital activation. By combining Fanlogic's digital activation platform and CelebYou's retail activation record, the companies look to achieve revolutionary new ways for brands, celebrities and fans to form communities while also leading the fight against bullying while globally supporting music.

The Fanlogic Connect product

Fanlogic is a brand referral platform used to drive leads, increase brand exposure and collect pertinent consumer data. Fanlogic's digital lead and sales generation success is driven through its proprietary peer-to-peer referral-based sweepstakes, loyalty programs and incentives, coupons, charitable initiatives, branded games, 50/50 lotteries and charity draws, and social daily fantasy sports and entertainment contests. Fanlogic is the creator of the Fanlogic Connect platform. Fanlogic Connect is a marketing automation platform that drives qualified traffic to on-line and physical partner destinations via promotional events, sweepstakes and reward driven calls to action. Fanlogic Connect also increases brand exposure and collects pertinent consumer data. Fanlogic Connect provides clients the ability to monetize their social media following, and grow their existing audience while gathering highly valuable demographic and behavioural information.

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