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 Why FanLogic?


  • The Monetization Platform For Celebrities
  • Expanded Database of Users To Over 1 Million in November
  • Entered Into Commercialization Stage With Several High Profile Announcements As Of September 2018.
  • Helps Athletes, Actors and Celebrities Convert Followers Into Paying Fans
  • FanLogic Platform Provides Fans With VIP Access, Contests and Prizes That Generate Long-Term, Recurring Revenues For The Celebrity
  • Why Is This So Critical To Celebrities?
  • With The Exception Of The Top 1% Of Celebrities, Most Other Celebrities Are Unable To Monetize Their Audiences Beyond Simple Advertising and Sponsored Posts
  • FanLogic Provides Celebrities With Smart and Fun Tools To Directly Engage Their Fans

FanLogic is a platform that allows athletes, actors and social media celebrities to better monetize their audiences by converting them from simple followers to active, engaged fans.

Our Platform provides influencers with smart, engaging tools such as VIP access, contests and loyalty programs that incentivize fans to pay, participate and proliferate in a clean, bully free environment.  

As a result, influencers are able to optimize their audiences and build a massive, engaged fan base for the long term.


This Sounds Like A Great Idea But Are Any Celebrities Or Brands Actually Using The Platform? 


  • We're Glad You Asked.  After Investing The Time and Money Necessary To Launch The Platform And Start Marketing It To Our VERY CONNECTED Network, We've Started Gaining Traction and Now Heading Into Our Commercialization Stage. Here Are Some Recent Examples Of Our Success:
  • OCTOBER 17 - Chic Sports Agency READ MORE
  • OCTOBER 16 - Alberto "El Patron" Del Rio READ MORE

  • OCTOBER 10 - NASCAR Xfinity Series Race Team READ MORE






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