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Message: Good Post by Sitting Bull about Mexico that mentioned Keith Neumeyer

Good Post by Sitting Bull about Mexico that mentioned Keith Neumeyer

posted on Jun 26, 2008 07:18PM

Look, I've just about had it! I've worked the past 10 straight days in the ER seeing more crazy stuff than you can imagine to jumping back into this and personally I'm exhausted. Be civil on this stupid board! No name calling! No nasty criticisms of other people's views. This is America, not Nazi Germany! Anyone can say whatever the heck they want here as long as it is civil. No badmouthing other people because what they say sounds stupid. Look, I can't believe I've spent a good portion of my day off missing my kids and writing on this thing. You don't know it, but I've written and erased about 15 posts. Why, because I'm trying to produce something excellent, and I just can't seem to do it today. Listen, I've been spending the past several weeks researching the history of Mexico and it's political and social institutions and here's what I've figured out:

Mexico is a relatively wild and crazy place right now, but Mexico has always been. A sloppy, disorganized mess of a country with perennially corrupt leaders, shaky institutions and a poorly educated populace who just can't seem to get it together. Will this change anytime soon, most likely, no. Will there be another revolution there anytime soon? Beats the crap out of me! A Socialist government could take over or another dictator. Who the heck knows? Anything can happen anywhere at any time. I might crap a florescent pink turd tomorrow. So might you. Does that mean I'm going to shy away from the john in the morning? Here's the real issue: Are the Mexicans going to nationalize the mines? Even if the situation got really bad, I don't think this will soon happen. Here's why... Basically the Mexicans suck at mining. They suck at organization, they suck at developing technology. They suck at education. Basically they suck at just about everything except making beer and tequila and even that is debatable. And I believe that the leaders of the Mexican mining industry are aware of this right now. They tried it, the whole mining thing, for quite awhile up until about the early 90's and realized, "Hey we suck at this! Maybe we should call in somebody who knows what the heck they are doing." Thus, in came the Canadians, screwed up investment banking system and all... Their philosophy was, "Look, with our expertise and your corrupt institutions and resources, we can all get rich." This is basically what everyone is doing and Keith Neumeyer at First Majestic seems to be the only person I've met who really understands this. Of course this is not uncommon in human history to have great masses of people moving in one direction with no idea whatsover why they are. So the Canadians and the Mexicans united and thus was born a great new era. And Kimber is part of that era that I believe it has a long way to go. It hasn't been going on long enough for anyone in Mexico to forget how badly they originally sucked at mining organization or technology or for a new generation to rise up and say, "We can do this better than you can." I am reminded of John Cleese's great speech in The Life of Brian which ended, "All right... all right... but apart from better sanitation and medicine and education and irrigation and public health and roads and a freshwater system and baths and public order... what have the Romans ever done for us?

The Mexicans will ask the same thing again some day and boot everyone out. Including what was once Kimber. By then you and I will have recouped many times our original investment. I don't think that's going to happen for quite awhile. All the Mexicans involved in mining right now were all alive during what we shall call the GREAT PERIOD OF MEXICAN MINING SUCKINESS that, once again, has just recently ended. So when a kid goes to his father and says, "Padre, I'm sick and tired of these gringos raping our land and taking our resources." or some other such incendiary type comment, his padre will say, "You've got those shoes on your feet because of the gringos so sit down and eat your tortillas and shut up! I was here before the gringos and I used to have to wipe my butt with a rock. Now I have toilet paper." This will all change in about 50 years, when that kid is an old man and his grandson comes up and says the same thing and his response will be, "You're right; get my gun. Let's go and shoot a few of those bastards. Those rotten Canadian bastards raping our land and our women and stealing our resources. Viva la revolucion! But before we get too carried away run down to the store and stock up on toilet paper. I'm not sure why. I think its something your grandfather once told me."

Also, this gold and silver bull is going to come up on them so fast that, and they will make so much money so quickly that it won't occur to them to nationalize the mines until we've made all our money and are out. Believe me, anyone reading this, Jew or Gentile, Black, White or Red, Doctor, Lawyer or Indian Chief is still in the game very, very early. We're going to make a fortune.

Anyway, buy Kimber. They just had great drill results. And there will be more. Believe me. Bull

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