First Mining Gold

First Mining is a mineral property holding company whose principal business activity is to acquire high quality mineral assets with a focus in the Americas. The Company currently holds a portfolio of 21 mineral assets in Canada, Mexico and the U.S.A.

First Mining Gold Corp Profile

First Mining Gold (TSX.V: FF & FFMGF: OTCQB) (“First Mining”) is a new mineral bank focused on acquiring and holding high-quality mineral assets to take advantage of current bear market conditions in the mining sector.

Our business model is to acquire mineral assets at exceptionally low prices and hold those assets until the capital markets for mining improves. At that point we would add value for our shareholders by entering into agreements with third parties that would move the projects forward while First Mining holds residual interests in the projects.

Through recent acquisitions, First Mining now holds a portfolio of 21 mineral assets in Canada, United States, and Mexico and the Company is aggressively acquiring additional projects in geopolitically safe areas of the Americas.

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