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Message: VIDEO - TELUS Picks Loop Insights Contactless Artificial Intelligence Solutions For Customers Across Canada

VIDEO - TELUS Picks Loop Insights Contactless Artificial Intelligence Solutions For Customers Across Canada

posted on Oct 15, 2020 05:02PM

Sometimes you just have to let the facts speak for themselves and this headline says it all: 

Loop Insights Accepted into TELUS IoT Marketplace for National Sales and Marketing to TELUS Business Customers 

Telus is one of Canada's largest telecom companies with over 9,000,000 subscribers and a market capitalization of $30,000,000,000 (BILLION) ... and they had this to say about Loop Insights (MTRX:TSXV) 

Andrew Turner, VP Strategic Operations at TELUS " By partnering with innovative and leading IoT development companies, such as Loop, we're ensuring that our customers have access to some of the most advanced IoT business solutions in the world"

We don't know if there is anything more to be said, with MTRX trading over 5,700,000 shares today - but we will say this for everyone who is new to MTRX, who we've been pounding the table on for the last 3 months.

MTRX is one amazing CONTACTLESS technology company who was on its way to great success prior to COIVD-19 and has now risen to super relevance across North America with 2 powerful applications (and revenue streams):

1.  Contact Tracing - The process of identification of persons who may have come into contact with an infected person, leading to subsequent collection of further information about these contacts 

  • Implemented By NCAA Division 1 "VegasBubble" Basketball (October 8, 2020)
  • Implemented By University Of Houston Yesterday (September 16, 2020)
  • Implemented Into the Las Vegas flagship properties of a Global Hospitality company (July 23, 2020)
  • Invited by NCAA DIV 1 BIG EAST CONFERENCE To Present Solution For 11 schools (August 17, 2020)
  • Partnership with BDG sports to deliver NBA, NHL, NCAA and PGA Sporting Events. (August 13, 2020)

2.  Artificial Intelligence Marketing Solutions - To provide personalized promotions and targeted engagement for the bricks and mortar space

If you are looking at all the size and dates of these announcements and noticing a trend, you should be.  Loop Insights is starting to make some very serious inroads with some of the biggest organizations on the continent .... and it's only October 15th.  

Watch this incredible interview with MTRX CEO, Rob Anson and hear what else he has to say about where Loop Insights is going.

Watch this interview or listen by Podcast on AppleGoogleSpotify or your favourite podcaster.




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