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Message: OHSI Question Submissions

Hello Rob and other Loop Employees!

Thank you so much for setting this up. As a proud investor, it really impresses me how well this business has been managed and how well your public relations is performing.

I do have a couple of questions to help me and a group of investors have asked that I submit:

1. In an interview with Agoracom roughly a week and a half ago, there was a mention about a number of businesses requesting a 30-day rollout into their locations. Are we going to have an update on those businesses before the end of the year or are negotiations still on-going?

2. With the recent excercising of warrants and the influx of money, is there a plan to use some of that money towards R&D for additional sources of renevue and portfolio diversification or is the current plan to use that money to continue to cover wages and operating expensives and improvement of existing revenue streams?

3. With the quarter ending at the end of the month, is the current plan to release the finacial reportĀ  to investors shortly after so we can see revenue finally flowing or can we expect the regular 60-day timeline for release?

Dec 13, 2020 11:32PM
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