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Message: AGORACOM Small Cap 60: How Is Fobi Going to Monetize PassWallet’s 6,000,000+ Downloads?

Thanks Rob, Richard, and George for putting this message out to investors.

 Myself and others appreciate the time and efforts you all make keeping investors and potential newbies informed on a Fobi investment.

  I became an investor due to the growing national and global demand of Fobi and the numerous vertical biz opportunities that AI can bring to business and the general population. 

 Fobi has outstanding and unique AI products that will make a world of difference to consumers and partners alike.

 Another critical factor in my investment are the people that can make the Fobi dream become reality. The team that you continue to build for the firm's future is phenomenal. 

 The unique talents that you have been focussing on in your hirings will continue to grow and transform the firm into not just a success story, but a highly successful story indeed, IMSO(in my strongest opinion).

 An olde saying ' Be all you can be ' !!  And don't ever change course. 

 Many thanks to you all, including your teams, for the work you have done to date and for the very bright future to be.

Best wishes,




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