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Message: Fobi AI Revolutionizes Event Management with New Ticketing Platform

In the bustling landscape of event organization and ticketing, Fobi AI Inc. (FOBI:TSXV) (FOBIF:OTCQB) emerges as a frontrunner, unveiling its latest innovation: an integrated event registration and ticketing platform. With a commitment to digital transformation and data intelligence, Fobi's new platform aims to redefine the event experience, opening up fresh revenue streams while enhancing user convenience and satisfaction.

Background and Context

Founded in 2017 in Vancouver, Canada, Fobi has been at the forefront of leveraging AI and data intelligence to empower businesses across various industries. With a focus on digital sustainability and personalized customer experiences, Fobi's latest venture into event management reflects its dedication to innovation and client satisfaction.

Key Highlights and Advantages

  • Fobi's integrated platform centralizes event registration and ticketing processes into a seamless web or mobile interface, eliminating the need for physical tickets and reducing paper waste.
  • By introducing pass bundling, Fobi offers attendees the option to bundle event tickets with additional purchases like merchandise, food, and parking, streamlining the entire event experience.
  • CEO Rob Anson emphasizes Fobi's commitment to enhancing shareholder value and addressing client needs through innovative technology, highlighting the platform's potential to unlock new revenue streams.

Potential Impact and Significance

  • The launch of Fobi's new platform signifies a paradigm shift in event management, promising unparalleled convenience and value for both organizers and attendees.
  • With its comprehensive features and dedication to innovation, Fobi is poised to set new standards in the event industry, ensuring every event is enjoyable, seamless, and efficient.

Expert Opinions and Analysis

  • Industry experts commend Fobi's initiative in streamlining event management processes and enhancing user experiences. The integration of pass bundling is particularly lauded for its potential to drive further revenue growth and improve attendee satisfaction.

Challenges and Considerations

  • While Fobi's new platform presents exciting opportunities, challenges may arise in adoption and implementation. However, with its track record of innovation and client-focused solutions, Fobi is well-positioned to navigate these challenges effectively.


Fobi AI's foray into event management marks a significant milestone in its journey of digital transformation and data intelligence. With its integrated ticketing platform, Fobi not only addresses existing pain points in event organization but also opens up new avenues for revenue generation and user engagement. As the company continues to lead with cutting-edge solutions, the future of event management looks more seamless and efficient than ever before.

View release: https://www.stockwatch.com/News/Item/Z-C!FOBI-3552193/C/FOBI


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