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Message: New Venture

I think this company is under valued given that it is in agreement with another company. here is my calculation

The Fortune River Resources (FRX) and Bravada Gold Corporation (BVA) are planning to be amalgamated together to form a new venture. Here is the amalgamated share ratio:

FRX 1 share = 0.85 share in amalgamated company BVA 1 share = 1 share in amalgamated company

Based on this equation, 1 BVA share = 1.18 FXR share

Currently BVA is trading at $0.13 but FRX is trading at $0.07 per share whereas, based on the above amalgamation, FRX should be trading at $.11 per share. Expectation is that, the share of amalgamated company should start trading above $0.12.

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