Water that would otherwise be forever lost to be re-introduced into manufacturing operations, creating a strong ROI's and dramatically reducing their environmental impact

Message: VIDEO - Forward Water $FWTC Water Saving Technology On Brink Of Breakthrough In India. 6+ NDAs Signed With Major Lithium Extractors

VIDEO - Forward Water $FWTC Water Saving Technology On Brink Of Breakthrough In India. 6+ NDAs Signed With Major Lithium Extractors

posted on Jul 18, 2022 08:36AM

The global water and wastewater treatment market is projected to grow from $285 billion in 2021 to $465 billion in 2028 .  If you’ve been watching the news you’ll know it's because 40% of the global population resides in regions marked as “water insecure”, with 1.1 billion people lacking access to water - and a total of 2.7 billion find water scarce for at least one month of the year.

As such, treatment of water and wastewater is necessary for mankind to meet the demand for water resources, not only for municipal and agricultural purposes but also for critical industry purposes.

Enter Forward Water Technologies (FWTC: TSXV)

FWTC is commercializing its proprietary forward osmosis technology allowing industrial users to reduce water consumption by up to 90% and providing them with the following immediate benefits:

  • saving water from being permanently destroyed,
  • realizing large reductions in their operating expenses

While many solutions we see are focused on the home, $FWTC is focused strictly on large-scale implementation in multiple sectors including:

  • including industrial wastewater,
  • oil and gas / mining / agriculture
  • and ultimately municipal water supply and re-use market sectors.



  • Exclusive Licensee - Goldfinch Engineering
  • Close To Commercialization With 1st Customer


  • 6+ NDAs Signed With Major Lithium Extraction Companies
  • Engagement Contract With Cornish Lithium
    • Cornish funding ongoing trials
    • Follows favourable initial result increasing Li concentrations of geothermal water


Brine mining is the isolation of valuable materials from naturally occurring mineral solutions in aquifers or similar underground deposits. These materials include in-demand rare earth elements and other metals such as lithium. However, these brines often have very low levels of these valuable materials and require significant concentration to enable them to be economically retrieved.

Today, this is usually done using solar or forced thermal evaporation, both of which have high energy costs and long processing times. In addition, traditional methods have proven to have detrimental effects on the environment.

The $FWTC low energy forward osmosis process can concentrate the valuable materials from these brines with much greater efficiency and at a lower cost. Additionally, the clean water extracted in the process can be also re-used, sent to replenish the aquifer source, or discharged to the surface for agricultural purposes. This is a significant advantage compared to incumbent approaches.

Recent studies in FWT’s labs using real world brines have shown that highly effective concentration using the Company’s forward osmosis process can be readily achieved in the lithium sector. In many of the test cases conducted by $FWTC, over 90% of the water has been removed from the brines. The reduction of water in the brines has led to more than a 10 times increase in lithium concentration.

President and CEO, Dr. Honeyman says “laboratory results confirmed that high levels of lithium concentration can be effectively accomplished and will enable new more efficient lithium isolation “.


  • Advanced R&D Stage
  • Potential To Make New High-Quality Unique Extracts And Flavourings
  • Replacing Current Geothermal Concentration With FWTC Cold Process


  • LOI - Membracon UK to deliver FWTC Forward osmosis solutions within UK & Ireland
    • developing application within the UK for a landfill wastewater solution
  • UK and Europe … multiple ongoing trials pending with
  • Participate in the Environment Technology Verification (ETV) Program in India
    • ETV program is used to accelerate the introduction, piloting and adoption of innovative new water and wastewater technologies into the India market.
  • Raised $6.5M At IPO OCT 2021
    • Pre-revenue but all on schedule


Forward Water has continued to execute on its business plan and on-going market intelligence continues to indicate the growing interest in various wastewater sectors by saving water from being permanently destroyed, and realizing large reductions in commercial operating expenses associated with legacy water solutions.

To this end, CEO Honeyman stated:

"The market is also expected to accelerate with global pressure to adopt new technologies that are lower energy and have a lower carbon footprint. This has brought greater attention to Forward Water's solution as not only is water recaptured for re-use but lower carbon emissions are a noted advantage."

Now sit back, relax and watch this powerful interview.

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