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The goal of Gem International is to discover, evaluate and mine world-class alluvial diamonds

Gem International Resources Inc Management

Denis Hayes

CEO, Director

Mr. Hayes, a director and CEO of the company, has been involved in every phase of the development and finance of mineral exploration companies over 35 years.

Mr. Hayes has traveled extensively throughout Africa, evaluating diamond exploration and mining projects. Mr. Hayes brought to Gem International the idea to follow up on the due diligence work performed by the technical team and to work towards the acquisition of the Dala property.

Simon Tam

President, Director

Mr. Tam is a businessman with over 30 years of experience building successful private and public companies. As Director of Gem International Resources Inc., he oversees and is involved in all strategic and operational decisions, including general management, corporate finance, corporate governance, legal, property acquisitions and human resource management.

In his career, he has been involved in real estate development, computer and food wholesaling as well as actively leading resources companies since the early 1990's.

Mr. Tam has significant experience and knowledge in managing the growth of small cap resource companies.

Eric Schjelderup


Mr. Schjelderup lives in London, England and has over 30 years experience specializing in consultation with public companies, including strategy, structuring, financings, regulatory requirements, private placements, raising "seed capital" and general public relations.

He also has extensive background internationally in the UK, Europe and Asia consulting and co-ordination of investor relations for public company awareness.

He is currently the president of Port Mercantile Capital Limited (HKG).

Craig Walker


Mr. Walker is presently the owner and manager of a web-site hosting and design company.

Prior to that, Mr. Walker was a stock broker until 1997.

He has many years of collective experience in the financing and capital investment including raising capital for venture companies. Mr. Walker is a director of several publicly listed junior resource companies.

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