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Talking Tungsten Forum

posted on May 18, 2009 01:39AM

In case you missed the Talking Tungsten one day conference held last March, they've finally put up the video and slides. Follow the link from the banner on GDX's web site.

Geodex's Jack Marr makes a presentation on Sisson Brook. David Coffin of HRA makes has a good talk on what to look for in a tungsten company

Also the North American Tungsten has an presentation which gets particularly interesting when they discuss new refinement technologies that focus producing APT from low grade concentrates as well as new processing technology for refining WO3 concentrates into APT W blue oxide, W power and W composites.

This development of new W composite products are starting to open new applications for tungsten as WO3 is replacing lead in consumer products due to lead's toxicity issues.

All of which may mean tungsten demand could grow faster than global GDP growth.

Some very good intro talks on S & D by Haywood analysts.

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