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Message: David Rosenberg On Dow;Gold Ratio

If David Rosenberg is correct below, one of the following will happen in the next 12-24 months:

  • Gold skyrockets to multiple '000 $ levels
  • The Dow crashes into low single digits
  • Gold and the Dow meet each other half-way

I will take #3.

6. The equity market in gold terms has been plummeting for about a decade and will continue to do so. When measured in Federal Reserve Notes, the Dow has done great. But there has been no market recovery when benchmarked against the most reliable currency in the world. Back in 2000, it took over 40oz of gold to buy the Dow; now it takes a little more than 8oz. This is typical of secular bear markets and this ends when the Dow can be bought with less than 2oz of gold. Even then, an undershoot could very well take the ratio to 1:1.


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