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Management’s objective is to grow the Company by advancing its Mount Anderson Yukon Project and also taking advantage of other opportunities offered for joint-venture or acquisition

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I got quite a few PM´s asking for MY reason to invest in this company.

Let me tell you about the Top 9 points for my GDW investment:

1. similar geological features to adjacent Tagish Lake property that is fast tracked to production with 500.000 oz M&I
2. historical mining occured on GDW property
3. 5 existing addits
4. historic bulk sampling (1947) returned 34.4gpt Au, 432.0 gpt Ag, 11.6% Pb and 5.2% Zn
5. Recent excavator trench sampling over 110m (2009) returned 37 gpt Au, 1173 gpt Ag, 25% Pb and 5% Zn

(To be honest, I´ve seen much worse results with other explorers starting on a new property !)

6. close to existing infrastructure
7. year round exploration possible (in contrast to most of the other Yukon areas)
8. the Prospectors who optioned this property wanted to be paid with 20% of the receivings of a soon to be carried out 1000t bulk sampling instead of a considerable cash sum, which I find very telling !(see PR Mar.04, 2011)
9. Financing was closed in January and additional financing announced on Jan.28,2011. No closing of that PP announced yet.

These points were convincing enough for me to invest in a $4M microcap company with huge potential !


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