Developing Bellechasse-­Timmins Gold Deposit

New Discovery Resulting in a 20KM Mineralized Gold Belt

Message: 3rd Helping. Great Stuff.

If I had the money I might consider that but I was referring more to the Board of GNH of coming up with a re-entry plan into how they are going to prove up and fund this venture. I for one support Hoov's thoughts on a mini-mill and I hope he can make a solid case and his fellow board members will get on board. To me in these times if you want to survive you need to find a way to make money. If I need extra cash I have to do / find extra work so I don't see this any differently. Nobody owes me a living and same goes for them.

An old farmer saying says "Wish in one nand and spit in the other and tell me which one gets full first."


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