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Gratomic Inc. Profile

Why Gratomic?

Gratomic Inc. (TSX-V: GRAT)  

  • 20,000 tpa on-site high efficiency processing plant, designed for expansion, with the environment in mind and nearing completion  
  • Naturally high-purity crystalline vein graphite with little to no deleterious elements present
  • 15 Km visible graphite vein in addition to graphite hosted within the mountain at Aukam
  • Gratomic team includes some of the top names in Graphite industry

Rare Aukam Graphite Mine: 100% Owned

  • Granted Mining License in March 2020 for the Aukam High-Grade Crystalline Graphite mine.
    • Gratomic intends to provide the EV Market and Renewable Energy Sectors with clean, Eco-friendly graphite
  • Vein graphite asset ranging between 3% Cg and 81% Cg through drilling, sampling, and bulk sampling.
  • One of the only jurisdictions of viable vein graphite outside of Sri-Lanka
  • Visible Surface Graphite Identified over 15 km strike.
  • In the final 3-month construction phase of the 20,000* tpa processing plant, which will enable Gratomic to produce graphite concentrates of 98.37% Cg purity on average.
  • Surface stockpiles that will serve as initial feedstock for the first two years of production.
  • Several veins open in lower adit easily accessible for immediate mining.
  • Aukam graphite to graphene assayed at Swansea University, UK where plasma processes delivers graphenes at 99% Cg
  • This unique asset is poised to replace a large part of declining production capacity of vein graphite from Sri Lanka
  • The Aukam graphite when converted to graphenes have proven suitable for inks & pastes for the printed electronics industry, super hydrophobic graphenes variants for architectural and marine coatings, elastomers for cycle, passenger vehicle tires and elements for resistive heaters

Purchase Agreements:


  • Under a USD $25 Million (payable in TODA notes) supply agreement with TODAQ.
  • Gratomic will supply TODAQ with pre-graphene graphite to be used by TODAQ as a reserve backstop to underpin the value of deployed TODA Notes (TDN).
  • TODAQ has, to date, placed two initial purchase orders, for 1,200 tonnes of graphite, for USD $6 Million(payable in TDN 60 Million at an agreed exchange rate of USD $0.10 per TDN),
  • A third-order is anticipated for another 600 tonnes of graphite is to be placed, for an additional USD $3 Million (payable in TDN 30 Million at an agreed exchange rate of USD $0.10 per TDN). The balance of the order (USD $16 Million) will be paid for in TDN, with the TDN valued at the market rate of exchange


Under a sales agreement with Phu Sumika, Gratomic will supply to Phu Sumika 7,500 tonnes of graphite per annum

  •  term of five years from the date the Aukam Plant begins commercial production
  • The sales agreement contemplates the sale of graphitic product ranging from 80% to 99.9% carbon at prices ranging between $500 to USD $2,800 per tonne



The Aukam Mine