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Gratomic Inc. Profile

Why Gratomic?

Gratomic Inc. (TSX-V: GRAT)  

  • 20,000 tpa on-site high efficiency processing plant, designed for expansion, with the environment in mind and nearing completion  
  • Naturally high-purity crystalline vein graphite with little to no deleterious elements present
  • 15 Km visible graphite vein in addition to graphite hosted within the mountain at Aukam
  • Gratomic team includes some of the top names in Graphite industry

Rare Aukam Graphite Mine: 100% Owned

  • Granted Mining License in March 2020 for the Aukam High-Grade Crystalline Graphite mine.
    • Gratomic intends to provide the EV Market and Renewable Energy Sectors with clean, Eco-friendly graphite
  • Vein graphite asset ranging between 3% Cg and 81% Cg through drilling, sampling, and bulk sampling.
  • One of the only jurisdictions of viable vein graphite outside of Sri-Lanka
  • Visible Surface Graphite Identified over 15 km strike.
  • In the final 3-month construction phase of the 20,000* tpa processing plant, which will enable Gratomic to produce graphite concentrates of 98.37% Cg purity on average.
  • Surface stockpiles that will serve as initial feedstock for the first two years of production.
  • Several veins open in lower adit easily accessible for immediate mining.
  • Aukam graphite to graphene assayed at Swansea University, UK where plasma processes delivers graphenes at 99% Cg
  • This unique asset is poised to replace a large part of declining production capacity of vein graphite from Sri Lanka
  • The Aukam graphite when converted to graphenes have proven suitable for inks & pastes for the printed electronics industry, super hydrophobic graphenes variants for architectural and marine coatings, elastomers for cycle, passenger vehicle tires and elements for resistive heaters

Purchase Agreements:


  • TODAQ is proposed to receive an aggregate of graphite valued at US$25,000,000 from Gratomic’s Aukam Graphite Project in Namibia over a 36-month period in exchange for a non-cash digital asset created by TODAQ as a medium for exchange and store of value known as a TODA note (“TDN”).
  • The Supply Agreement fulfillment has been negotiated at an exchange rate of USD$0.30 per TDN note.
  • The Supply Agreement contemplates that Gratomic will deliver, to TODAQ, 5,000 tonnes of SG16 product
  • valued at USD$25 million under the terms of the agreement, over a 36-month period.
  • TODAQ will put in an initial order of 1,800 tonnes, valued at USD $9 million, in exchange for 30,000,000 TDN, over the first 90-day period of the contract.

The Supply Agreement now fixes the value of the TDN notes at USD$0.30 for the purchase of the entire 5000 tonnes providing a fixed value and certainty for the Company. The first delivery date has not yet been established and will depend upon when the Company completes the construction of its processing plant at the Aukam Project in Namibia. When the Company is ready to deliver the SG16 product to TODAQ, it will inform TODAQ.

TODAQ will then submit a purchase order for an initial 600 tonnes of product valued at $3 million and TODAQ will issue 10 million TDN to the Company. The Company will have 90 days thereafter to deliver the product to an on-site warehouse at the Aukam Property under the control of TODAQ which will constitute good delivery for the product.

  • The Company intends to hold onto any TDN received for a minimum six months after which it will start liquidating the TDN into cash


Under a sales agreement with Phu Sumika, Gratomic will supply to Phu Sumika 7,500 tonnes of graphite per annum

  •  term of five years from the date the Aukam Plant begins commercial production
  • The sales agreement contemplates the sale of graphitic product ranging from 80% to 99.9% carbon at prices ranging between $500 to USD $2,800 per tonne



The Aukam Mine