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Jim Brown – President and Chairman of the Board

From his days as an All-American football and lacrosse player and graduate of Syracuse University, and his spectacular success as a Hall-of-Fame tailback in the National Football League, to his lengthy career as a feature film actor and his many successful business endeavors, and finally to his decades of work addressing social inequity through his Amer-I-Can Foundation, Jim Brown has been successful at virtually every step of his remarkably diverse professional career. He has consistently championed the rights of disadvantaged social groups, and campaigned for decades to create opportunities for the less fortunate. His personal dedication has served as an example for those wishing to make a positive mark on society.

Outspoken and uncompromising, Jim Brown has devoted the same energy and sense of purpose to his varied professional endeavors as to his athletic career. As early as his playing days in Cleveland, he established the Black Economic Union (BEU), employing professional athletes as facilitators in the establishment of minority-run enterprises, urban athletic clubs, and youth motivation programs. He also founded his own production company, Ocean Productions, in order to encourage greater minority integration in the film industry, and he worked for nine years with the Coca-Cola Company, learning the nuances of corporate culture from the inside. He has been tirelessly active in social causes as well. Soon to celebrate its 20th anniversary, his Amer-I-Can Foundation stresses the importance of education and the ability to effectively implement social skills in order to profitably integrate into society. From its beginnings in Los Angeles, the Amer-I-Can Foundation has expanded across much of the United States under the personal direction of Jim Brown.

Jim Brown brings his integrity and strength of vision to Hall of Fame Beverages, along with his expansive network of personal contacts and relationships. His personal hard-earned personal credibility, garnered through his many years of unselfish dedication and work, is an irreplaceable asset to Hall of Fame Beverages. Mr. Brown’s personal vision for Hall of Fame Beverages is one that is echoed by all of the executives with the company, namely to create a socially responsive and responsible corporate entity that achieves success both through the fiscally profitable operations of its business, and also through the creation of opportunities for entry into the corporate world for those who may otherwise have been excluded. It is the hope of both Mr. Brown and Hall of Fame Beverages that the Company will serve as an example of what can be achieved when the power of commerce and capitalism is leveraged in a conscientious way.

Calvin Ross – Chief Operating Officer

Calvin Ross has been a successful entrepreneur, beverage industry executive and expert, and founder and CEO of two separate beverage companies. He has been profiled in trade publications like BevNet for his innovative approach and novel marketing techniques. From the summers of his youth spent running a Kool-Aid stand, his fascination with the beverage industry has clung to him. It was during his years as an amateur boxer that Mr. Ross was inspired to create and develop a beverage that would offer the restorative virtue that would provide a competitive advantage for athletes. After consultation with herbalists and nutritionists, Calvin Ross brought his own insights and marketing savvy to the table, and he created and developed an energy drink which he named Pit Bull.

Relying on the lessons learned from this experience, Mr. Ross launched the Hip Hop Beverage Corporation in 2000, targeting an urban youth demographic that was at that time largely overlooked. By 2003, he was seeking new challenges, and he left the company to launch Raw Dawg Beverages. As President and founder of Raw Dawg Beverages, the producer of Raw Dawg Sports Energy Drink, Mr. Ross was responsible for developing the company’s signature brand and look, and expanding the distribution to become an approved supplier to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Attuned to the currents of the industry, and exceptionally well-versed in negotiating the complex market, Calvin Ross possesses the insight and experience that is invaluable to the success of Hall of Fame Beverages. Mr. Ross has been galvanized by the vision of Hall of Fame Beverages, and his imagination has been fired by the possibilities of this emerging Company. His own unique perspective, individualism, and personal energy will be vitally important to the future development of Hall of Fame Beverages.

Mr. Robert Rosario – Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Rosario brings over 10 years of business expertise in the beverage and food industries. In addition, Robert Rosario has over five years in the interactive interface software design business working with clients ranging from SONY/BMG to Universal Pictures. At Hansen’s, Robert Rosario was one of the executives directly responsible for turning around Hansen Beverages, Inc. (www.hansens.com). As head of promotions, he was responsible for building brand awareness for the Hansen’s Natural brand and promoting its various beverages ranging from Hansen’s Natural Smoothies to Hansen’s Energy Drink.

His guerrilla marketing approach and tactics, along with leveraging Hansen’s retail assets, and creating strategic promotional partnerships, out of the box promotions, along with event sampling enabled the company to increase its consumer awareness and profitability. His marketing approach is still being implemented at Hansen’s Natural Beverages today.

Mr. Rosario’s complete resume may be viewed at Hall of Fame Beverages, Inc. (www.halloffamebeverages.com).

Anthony Perry – Special Consultant in charge of Community Relations

Anthony Perry is one of the co-founders and former National Director of Education of the Amer-I-Can Foundation. While with the Amer-I-Can Foundation, Mr. Perry dedicated himself to fulfilling the foundation’s mission of confronting and rectifying inherent social inequities, and he was instrumental in the expansion of the foundation from its beginnings in the Los Angeles area to its current growth into dozens of urban areas across the country. As National Director of Education for the foundation, Mr. Perry was directly responsible for implementing the foundation’s strategic emphasis on education in order to instill valuable life-skills and enhance self-esteem among its participants. He has traveled across the country on behalf of the foundation, interacting with civic and business leaders, educators, and literally thousands of disenfranchised men and women across America.
The insights that he has gained through nearly a decade of service to the foundation, along with his expansive network of personal and professional contacts, are irreplaceable assets to the Company as it progresses. In particular, his years of dedication have earned him a level of personal credibility that cannot be contrived or artificially produced, and his ability and experience with dealing directly with numerous people of diverse backgrounds are critical to his position as Sr. V.P. of Community Relations. Mr. Perry brings with him an established history of dedication and focus, and a devotion to the shared vision of Hall of Fame Beverages and its officers to incorporate an enhanced degree of social awareness and responsibility to the corporate world.

Cyndi Luciano – Secretary and Treasurer

Ms. Luciano is both highly educated and highly experienced, with organizational and management skills honed through years of administrative and technical work in the nursing and healthcare industries. In addition to an M.S. in Nursing, she also holds a B.S. (magna cum laude) in Computer Information Systems and an MBA with an emphasis on General Management. Since 1992, Ms. Luciano has occupied numerous supervisory positions, including Director of Nursing and Manager of Nursing Resources, responsible for coordinating and directing the efforts of as many as 150 employees. By virtue of the intense regulatory requirements of the healthcare industry, Ms. Luciano is also extremely adept at navigating the requirements of a complex and highly regulated work environment, rendering her uniquely qualified to serve in the post of Secretary and Treasurer.
In addition, her broad and diverse educational background also gives Ms. Luciano superb insight into the theory and practice of corporate governance, enabling her to leverage a unique skill set that most others in such a position do not possess. Her years of experience in intense working environments, complex and highly regulated industries, and her extensive knowledge of management practices gleaned from an advanced educational background are all strong assets for Hall of Fame Beverages, Inc. Finally, Ms. Luciano shares in the conviction of the Company’s mission of changing the prevailing corporate culture along with the other officers. Above all, she is deeply committed to contributing to the Hall of Fame Beverages ideal of creating a lucrative, successful business venture in a socially responsible corporate entity.

Ron Brown – Distribution Spokesperson

Ron Brown is an Olympic gold medalist, former NFL wide receiver, and world record holder. Drafted in the second round of the NFL draft out of Arizona State University, Mr. Brown finished fourth in the 100m, and ran the second leg in the 4X100 relay team that won the gold medal and set the world record in the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. He went on to a distinguished career as a wide receiver and kickoff return specialist in the National Football League, playing for nine years with the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Raiders before retiring from the NFL in 1991. Since that time, Mr. Brown has been involved in numerous successful business ventures, but has more importantly dedicated much of his time and effort to various non-profit and mentoring organizations.

He is currently involved with an organization called Choices.org, an interactive decision-making workshop that empowers teens to achieve academic success in pursuit of their career and life aspirations. He has also done work with NFL Goals for Life, mentoring kids in schools and correctional facilities. As a former world-class athlete, Ron Brown knows what type of dedication and will that it takes to succeed at the highest level. His commitment to excellence and work in championing social causes are especially appropriate to the express dedication of Hall of Fame Beverages to addressing issues of social inequity.

Giovanni Luciano - Director

Mr. Luciano brings his extensive background and expansive foundation of knowledge in supplements, herbs, vitamins, and concentrates to the Hall of Fame Beverages team. He possesses more than two decades of involvement in the nutriceutical industry in which he has relied heavily on his broad knowledge of herbology and pharmacology. Mr. Luciano spent several years as CEO of his own herbal/vitamin company where he was instrumental in the development, manufacture, and marketing of new products for this fast-paced sector. He also worked for many years as a consultant to Raw Dawg Sports Energy Drink, from which his relationship was forged with Calvin Ross, Raw Dawg founder and current Hall of Fame Beverages' COO. Mr. Luciano has considerable direct experience handling and supervising all aspects of manufacturing, from conception to completion, as well as a comprehensive network of industry contracts and relationships that will be irreplaceable to Hall of Fame Beverages.

In addition, Mr. Luciano has cultivated his management and organizational skills during his tenure as the CEO of his own firm. His background in management will serve him well as he makes the transition to CEO of Hall of Fame Beverages. He is deeply familiar with every stage of the product development process, from the acquisition of raw materials through to the production and distribution of the finished product. Mr. Luciano is also particularly adept at negotiating the complexities of the industry and has developed an impressive track record of success in achieving time-critical goals within strict schedules during his many years working in the business. His proficiency for coordinating diverse objectives within established time constraints, his broad network of relationships with industry professionals, and his strong foundation of knowledge in nutriceuticals and herbals will all be vital assets to the Hall of Fame Beverages team. Most importantly, Mr. Luciano enthusiastically shares the vision of his fellow officers in forging a company that caters to a lifestyle [that] has the potential to bring about genuine change by offering opportunities to those who would otherwise be excluded from the corporate world.

"We are making our plan clear that we have got the ball rolling to execute on our plan of a nationwide distribution by the end of next year. Originally we had planned on western distribution and a gradual expansion from there eastward with a few of our products. Now, we have identified distributors and are in negotiations for most of the 50 state distributions of all products," said Giovanni Luciano, CEO of OG Nation, Inc. "We have a huge market and we are ahead of our goals set for this time, so management is in position to make much more progress sooner than we expected. It is our vision to have one of the fastest growing companies in the world over the next several years. Our stock has been under pressure lately and certainly does not reflect where our business is. We are doing everything in our power to build value for our shareholders and I am confident that we will see a turnaround in the market," Mr. Luciano concluded.

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