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Hall of Fame Beverages Profile

Who we are

Hall of Fame Beverages, Inc. is an innovative new lifestyle company dedicated to building long-term success both through the creation of a unique and recognizable brand name, and through the integration of commercial success with social awareness. Convinced that “success” in business has long been too narrowly defined, Hall of Fame Beverages was founded by a group of visionary beverage industry executives who shared a common goal of leveraging the power of commerce in a way that was consistent with their desire to foster greater inclusion in the business world. Led by their President and Chairman of the Board, the well-known and accomplished Hall-of-Fame tailback, actor, entrepreneur, and social activist Jim Brown, the team of seasoned industry executives have set out to become one of the leaders in the beverage industry through developing, distributing and marketing their signature product lines.

What we do

Hall of Fame Beverages was formed to take advantage of the tremendous industry expertise and experience of a talented group of beverage industry professionals and create opportunities through the implementation of an exciting and innovative business plan. The Company aims to become a leader in the beverage industry through the creation, manufacture, distribution, and marketing of non-alcoholic beverages under its signature brand.

The Company also has additional negotiations underway to produce additional product lines and to engage in beneficial partnerships. Hall of Fame Beverages plans to unveil its trademark line of functional waters and is exploring the possibility of introducing Jim Brown’s All-American supplements and vitamins, and 32Gear™, a Jim-Brown-signature line of sportswear.

Hall of Fame Beverages is also actively pursuing mutually beneficial partnerships with other industry players in order to enhance the Company’s capabilities and offerings. For instance, the Company is currently in discussions with a prominent sports-themed beverage company to market their trademark functional water. Finally, Hall of Fame Beverages is involved in negotiations with an as-yet-unnamed major beverage distributor to provide distribution support for Atomic Dogg Energy Drink®.



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