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A vertically integrated producer of Silicon Metal, Solar Grade Silicon Metal and polysilicon.


BREAKING: American Creek Announces Additional $1,000,000 Strategic Financing with Eric Sprott

  • Intends to expand the non-brokered private placement in order to include an additional $1,000,000 investment by Eric Sprott
  • Darren Blaney, President & CEO of American Creek stated: “We welcome Mr. Sprott’s further support and additional significant contribution. We greatly appreciate not only his endorsement but also his enthusiasm for the future potential of American Creek’s vision and projects.

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Message: Patent Question Take # 33...


Once again let me repeat, I have no issue with the decision to sell 85% of your holding in HPQ... That is the simple fact of managing a public company, every buyer will eventually become a seller...  and often every seller becomes a buyer again...

I was not really going to waste time replying to your post, but I have just like to point out that you make some pretty outlandish statements in your attempt at justifying your decision to sell...

"This particular patent application does not appear to be patentable. Period. Point finale. End of discussion."

And then you have the audacity to make this further statement when some else to questions your motivation for posting:

"Go ahead and refute my statement about the impossibility of obtaining a patent with the patent application that was submitted. Tell me how I misinterpreted the response from the WIPO authority and the subsequent lack of a top-up search because it would serve no useful purpose."

The simple fact is that WIPO statement pre-date all of Peter and my answer on the subject.

We were aware of that statement and we had made our own analysis of the comments and came up to a different conclusion...

So what you are really saying is that you know more about the patent process then PyroGenesis, (Peter Pascali, Pierre Carabin, Ali the inventor of the process, and Pyro patent lawyers)... WOW, that is pretty bold statement there...

The fact is that I will not waste time trying to educate you on how wrong you are, but I will reiterate things I have said last night:
1) we are confident that, in the end, we will get patent protection, for our process, and that statement is base on the professional opinion of experts...
2) for a project with, as you say..  ..." as far as I understand it, on this patent application, there isn't one" 'inventive step'. ... I get a lot of request for information from players in the industry that keep wanting to know more about our new and innovative process to produce solar grade silicon metal...
One last point, your comment about my lack of market buying is actually pretty funny... Never has it down on you that maybe I am not allowed to buy in the market because of what I know about the financing that we are working on ...
Bernard Tourillon
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