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A vertically integrated producer of Silicon Metal, Solar Grade Silicon Metal and polysilicon.


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Message: End of Q2, The Knob, Way too long between PR ....

Hi All,

I get your questions asking for updates, and in the past, I would have rush out to issue a press release about the small incremental goal we were reaching toward our goal of becoming the lowest cost solar grade silicon producer...

But over the last year, I have come to realize that with a project like ours, with such long lead time, there are certain milestones that become so critical that they simply drown out the rest...

Until that milestone is reached, the market does not pay any attention to any other subject.  Yes, a positive news may create some market action and buying, but that buying always become used as a liquidation event...

Right now, the pilot plant financing is such an event, and yes I am aware that Q2 is passed, but I am pretty certain that most of you have a good idea who one of party we are talking with is, and so must realize that when dealing with such a large entity, I don't really have too much leverage to "Turn up the knob"...

Trust me, I tried to turn up the knob, and was told bluntly: "It's their way or the highway"... so I have learned my lesson...

I strongly believe that we are close to the end of this long process, but I do not control it.

I understand that I am asking for more patience while listening to crickets,  but I strongly believe that it will be rewarded over time...

Once financing is closed, I will go back to my old habits of issuing press releases about the small incremental goals we were reaching toward our goal of becoming the lowest cost solar grade silicon producer...



Bernard Tourillon



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