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Message: Re: Beauce PP Update?
Nov 15, 2018 02:55PM

Hi fkdy1985,

Just to give a brief synopsis, these meetings are basically open to all people interested in listening to the HPQ and BGF stories.  To reduce the cost of these meetings, we use a facilitator that usually group 3 companies per meeting and each Company has 30 minutes to present their story.  After each presentions, there is a question period, and in the end, one-to-one meetings occur to answer additional questions.

The goal of the meeting that Patrick did was centred on closing the financing of the BGF private placement, but since BGF is still a 100% sub of HPQ, we start by doing an HPQ presentation follow by the BGF presentation.

I participate in one series of those meeting, and the reception we received was very positive.

Yes, the presentations will be available on our websites soon. As it pertains to the HPQ presentation, there are still some small improvements I am looking at doing.

Before it will be available on our website, I will do a video of the presentation with George on Agoracom, and this will be to better guide investors on the tremendous potential of the HPQ business model.


Bernard Tourillon









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