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Message: Dear Fellow Investors, (Part 1/3)

Dear Fellow Investors,

It looks as if the old gang that enjoyed spreading false information on HPQ are back at it on the Stockhouse BB.

The first post that started the latest disinformation campaign was entitled: “Of Possible Interest to investors” made by poster Deepak10solar. 

Funny coincidence, the same Deepak10solar posted on September 13, 2018: 

 “I too have recently liquidated my HPQ shares and my PYR shares but still read the posts here out of a morbid interest. 


This was then followed by a post by Kade1, well no; it was actually a not too subliminal infomercial for his non-carbothermic “Single Step Quartz to Solar Silicon Production“, implying that his process would resolve the BIG PROBLEM that Deepak10solar had identified. 

 “Ideally a non-carbothermic reduction would eliminate the problem entirely.” 


So confident are they about the new lies they are spreading about HPQ, that (KJ) the poster with too many aliases on Stockhouse to keep track (Stocknews101, Goodlife22, TraderJenny, Stefani1, to name just a few) wrote: 

 “No doubt the CEO won't be addressing these on that shill site Agoracom anytime.” 


Not to be undone, another member of that cabal that also liquidated his position on September 12 2018, and made a show about that, Justin35, 

“That’s the end of a long story for me… almost 6 years…Adios ...512k will be gone” 


Came and added his support to KJ… 

The same Justin35 that claimed on October 29 2018: 

“,,, I am connected with peoples that knows very much about that that technology......I have sold cause it wont happen...Bernard Made a big mistake 2 years ago....I wont say it… He knows it… My stake is… We have waste more than 8 millions into this thing for nothing, 


Usually, I would have chosen not to reply to their baiting, since I have come to realize that true long investors have come to see through their lies and understand that we are developing in Partnerships with world-class Partners PyroGenesis and Apollon Solar, that are experts in their fields of interest, the innovative PUREVAPtm “Quartz Reduction Reactors (QRR)”, a truly 2.0 Carbothermic process (PATENT PENDING), which will permit the transformation and purification of quartz (SiO2) into high purity silicon metal (Si) in one step and reduce by a factor of at least two-thirds (2/3) the costs associated with the transformation of quartz (SiO2) into SoG Si.  

But I have chosen to make an exception to that rule because it will give me the opportunity to share some information about the true intention behind the little games these guys are playing…

Not to make my post too long, I will reply to the BIG NON Issued raise by Deepak10solar on a second post.



Bernard Tourillon



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