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Message: Dear Fellow Investors, (Part 3/3)

Dear Fellow Investors, now the conclusion or Part 3 of 3.

So now that I have replied to “Deepak10solar tough question according to KJ”, the poster with too many aliases on Stockhouse to keep track (Stocknews101, Goodlife22, TraderJenny, Stefani1, to name just a few), it’s now time for me to comment on KADE1 oddly perfectly time post after Deepak10solar set up: 

“It seems quite possible to end up with less CO2 eq by scrubbing or capturing the carbon equivalent somehow, even though the initial process may result in higher levels theoretically this would likely result in a higher total cost perhaps. 

Ideally, a non-carbothermic reduction would eliminate the problem entirely. KD.” 


Nice touch Kade, especially after Deepak claims about our cash cost, making it seems as if our cost was going to be even higher then what we stated… just to be as green as we claimed… 

FYI, the Purevap process will only produce a total of 5.4 kg CO2 per Kg de SoG Si produced, but the carbothermic transformation only produces 3,54 kg CO2 per Kg de SoG Si produced. 

Thanks for the free advice, but we are already looking at ways of reducing that even more by using other process develop by PyroGenesis to recuperate the Carbon release and reuse it in the process…(Now that is being green, circular in our process and would reduce our operating costs)…  

Finally, nice move, that innocent comment about a non-carbothermic process…. 

Aren’t you developing one by any chance?

From what I have been told, rather intensely by one of your investor name KJ (“I have next to zero financial commitment to Kevin’s patent application thus far”*), you are in fact developing one, and your patent application passed its first preliminary patent phase concerning the 71 out of 71 submitted claims… Bravo…

Interesting tidbits from KJ, It seems the report was “authored by the very same examiner who scored the Purevap application with zero out of 50 allowable claims, essentially disqualifying its patentability”* according to you and KJ.  

You know very well that making the statement “essentially disqualifying its patentability “ is A BIG LIE and a very libellous statement, that both of you have been repeating ad nauseam on private boards and to HPQ shareholders in order to get them to liquidate their shares in HPQ. (I have been able to identify multiple occasions when that did in fact occur).

As you have mentioned to me once in the past, there is more than one way to obtain a patent for a new industrial process, so why are you now so adamant that you are the only speaking the truth on that subject?

The fact is that PyroGenesis, a company that has been granted many industrial patents over the year, does not agree with your statement “essentially disqualifying its patentability”. 

Peter and the team at PyroGenesis are very confident that they will get the patent, and for them, the process is advancing normally, just like all the other patents they have obtained, why else would they have invested $1,950,000 at a 100% premium to market now? 

The government of Quebec also did a DD on the patent application, and their only comment, get the patent in your name ASAP that is where the value of the Company is.

For us, this subject is nothing more then Cyber Bullying and Fake News combined, the big problem when one must address such a lies, being repeated via social media, is that the subject can only be closed once we obtained the Patent, and that does take time, until then people with no scruples can always repeat the lie to influence others.

Anyway, back to you process Kade, what is very interesting, is that according to KJ, the publication will set about a bidding war for your process, “the accelerated entry into the national phase will force accelerated publication, which may take you guys (HPQ) out of the bidding anyway *”.

I could be wrong, but base on my experience in taking on a new industrial process to commercial validation and financing the process, the positive preliminary patent application is NOT the big milestones you guys are trying to make it into.  

What is relevant: Can you demonstrate that it works at bench scale, and then can you scale it up…

The fact his Kade1, your invention now has to answer the simple question that Napoleon1 clearly asked: 

“Now that would be novel and inventive and disruptive...but is it possible?” 


My guess is that what you may not have told KJ and the other that have invested in this with you that now comes the really hard and expensive part, proving that it can work Or maybe it was your game plan that HPQ would come to an invest the fund required?  

From what I have not heard from you and your groupies, I can deduce that you have not yet completed any proof of concept tests to show your process could potentially work… because if you had some real bench test results, KJ and you would be bragging about them, not making silly attempts at getting HPQ to invest in your venture based only on the patent process milestone… 

The fact is since the end of September, we (Patrick and I) have been approached on many occasions, by KJ, a person that has publically made many libellous statement about HPQ and its management, in the hope that we would jump on the occasion to attempts to negotiate a deal with you simply based on the fact that you had a 71/71 on your preliminary patent review…

I am even pretty certain that KJ has been talking up his great plan on the alternative board, so much so, that I have been receiving an email with the following message: 

“I've been getting messages about Kade1's quartz-silicon patent being public now and being fast-tracked and he's applied for national phase blah blah blah.  

You don't need any advice from me, but I will say, do not let Kade and his sidekick KJ use this patent to get involved in your business in any way - these guys are total snakes.” *

From what I can deduce, KJ is of the belief that “bringing a patent application with such high acceptance and a totally new approach would possibly return the excitement and share price to where it was”.   

That is a total pipe dream, to which we have no interest in participating.

Contrary to what KJ may be thinking, we have valid reasons why we have demonstrated ZERO interest in even contemplating a deal.  To name just a few: 

·      The process as not yet been bench tested, that would be like us going back to 2014 when we started talking with PyroGenesis 

·      We just closed at $5,4 million financing to build and operate our pilot plant that will validate, the innovative PUREVAPtm “Quartz Reduction Reactors (QRR)”, a truly 2.0 Carbothermic process, getting involved with what the guys at RRS call a “high school Science project” about a non-carbothermic process is a sure way to kill HPQ;

·      Base on a review of the documents KJ submitted to us, and from the patent filing, in the opinion of the CTO of our largest shareholder (PyroGenesis), the process cannot work

·      Doing so would be against the term of the Convertible Debenture we just signed with IQ

·      To be thorough, I did ask for a second opinion and from the guys at Apollon, all PH D specialized in the field to review your project and this was their reply: (It in French, but you can ask your good friend Justin35 to translate).

o   Je pense que cette invention n’est pas sérieuse. 

§  En effet , le principe consiste à vaporiser de la silice sans Carbone

§  La température de vaporisation de la silice est très élevée même sous basse pression !!!

§  D’où de nombreux problèmes techniques, sans parler des coûts, des problèmes de tenue des matériaux (la silice est très réactive)…

§  La silice semble presque aussi difficile à vaporiser que le Silicium, et l’évaporation du Si nécessite beaucoup d’énergie sous un vide très poussé.

§  Après il existe dans la littérature des choses proches mais ils ajoutent généralement du méthane comme gaz.

Enough said on the subject.

Kade, I wish you the best of luck with the project, as you now enter the real fun part…  Financing R&D…

I am guessing that contrary to what KJ insinuated, the bidding war for your process is not there, why else would you have come post here.

For the record, my suggestion to you remains:

Contact the company were the poster Deeppak10solar works, as they have shown a keen interest in the process as per his post:

I also happen to know kade1 from the company where I work, since I understand we are in fact considering a royalty agreement with him, our scientists seem to be quite impressed with his new process.

I too have recently liquidated my HPQ shares and my PYR shares but still read the posts here out of a morbid interest.”


Enough said, let hope that this will be last time we will hear you and your buddies make does libellous comments about our Patent application.


Bernard Tourillon

PS:* the source of the information provided is from email received,

PPS: Am I the only one that notices the 180 turns that Deepak10solar did today:

How else can one explain going from:

“Something that I found even more worrying is the estimate on CO2 equivalent per ton of Silicon…”


“One may ask what was the point being claimed in the news release of August 13th this year when the silicon manufacturing process is such a small contributor in GHG emissions over all when is in fact the smallest single factor by far?


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