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Message: Today close

Dear Fellow Shareholders,

Am I the only one to find today last trade at $ 0.065 at 15:59:17 instead of the $0.075 the stock was trading at before odd?

There may be no connection,

  • But as per IIROC latest short report, http://www.iiroc.ca/news/Pages/Short-Sale.aspx, of November 15, 2018, HPQ had an open short of 166,000 shares.
  • If I read correctly the report, the short was done at an average price of $0.066...
  • So if the stock closes above $0.066, they are subject to a margin call and have to give more funds as guaranteed to keep the short open...

Shorting a stock is a risky move, but maybe if someone is willing to state publicly that he sees the shares price at $0.02 before $0.12, then maybe he is willing to short the stock...

Anyway, while I have no hope that this will do anything, but I did send an email to IIROC to complain about the down thick.


Bernard Tourillon



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