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Hi Guys,

I am not a tax expert, but I own a good chunk of my HPQ shares in my TFSA and RRSP accounts (thanks to the people that push down the share price of HPQ after the government and PyroGenesis financing last year, I was able to contribute even more of my HPQ shares into my RRSP and TFSA accounts cheap...) so the question about TFSA eligibility did peak my interest.  

Fact is that the BGF Capital distribution was done on Dec 31, 2018.  At that time all shareholders receive a capital distribution via the deposit of shares in Beauce Gold Field Inc, a private Corporation.  So yes, technically, for one day in 2018, everyone had shares of the private corporation in our TFSA and RRSP.  

But on February 4th, 2019, these same shares of BGF were listed for trading on the TSX-V, and therefore became TFSA eligible.

We are not the first to have done this, nor the last and I would be very surprised if anything came out of any computer generated memo.

Hope this helps,




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